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Indigo 3G and Anti Oxidants


I have taken Indigo 3G for quite some time in the past and looking to get back on it. However I am on some herbs that have highly anti oxidant activities, last time I was using Indigo I remember reading that it shouldn’t be used while on other strong anti oxidant supplements or herbs because it would diminish the effects of the indigo. I cannot get off of these herbs because they are helping me get over an illness, but I would like to get back on the Indigo and am wondering if it would still be effective if I spaced the dosing time between the herbs and Indigo 3G. I am just looking into using a maintenance dose but I really don’t want to waste the money if I am not going to get any effect from it.


You should be fine spreading them out at least a few hours. I believe the most recent Indigo-3G formula has been tweaked compared to a few years ago, so the current recommendation even with something like Superfood, with its natural antioxidants, is to just not have them at the same time. A few hours in-between is alright.

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