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To Brock, Bill Roberts, et al:

        Thinking back to my early days of searching for information about ergogenics,

there wasn’t much available around '83, and much of what there was seemed incomprehensible
to a layperson such as myself.
Then I stumbled across the infamous ‘anabolic indice’, in one of the easier to
read books out at that time. It initially seemed like a good guide to choosing the most
efficacious compounds, however real-world experience proved this to be incorrect.
Have any of you developed a subjective ranking system of your own to rate the Biotest products along the same lines, perhaps as an intellectual exercise? I’ve read the “Supplement Round-ups” and “Stuff we like”, but they don’t feel specific enough. Just a thought.


I’m not familiar with the method. But it sounds
like a scalar – reducing the properties of
things to a single number – and that isn’t
a useful way to evaluate supplements. I mean,
if Androsol is an 8, for example, what is MD-6?

Even if that is not the method, if it is instead a tensor (providing separate numbers for each of several properties) I still don’t see how it could be of more value than a careful explanation of each product.