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Indianapolis T-Men

This is just a thread calling out my fellow Indy T-brothers. Also, Bill or Brock, are either one or both or you in Indy? While reading some archived material it said Brock bet Bill a meal at the Eagle’s Nest here in town. Just wondering…

Screel, what’s up bro? I’m moving to Indy next week! I’ll be living downtown, and I need to find a good gym. I’m looking for a place with platforms and bumper plates, but I realize those are hard to find these days.

just to let indy t-men know, Nutri-Sport castleton/west side is the place to get Biotest products. Thanks

supplement pimp rules!!! no good places with bumper plates downtown (maybe nifs, but pricey) try golds

You can always drive to Kokomo I have bumpers and we are open 24/7

Technically, I live south of Indy, about 20 miles. But I still say I hail from there, it’s a lot easier than explaining the place I actually live in.

Thanks fellas. I’ll check out Nutri-Sport and Golds. Coy, I wish Kokomo was a little closer…sounds like your gym is just what I’m looking for. I might still make the trip up to check it out.

Screel, my man, as you know I’m a fellow Boiler and am in WL for the summer (classes kick in soon). I make my way down to Indy every so often though, my big bro lived in Fishers and now has a pad in Noblesville. BTW, it’s been nice seeing you on the forum much more lately since classes have ended. I’d like to train sometime with ya and the other T-Bros if it would be cool. You ever hear from Brian S. these days?

Just so you guys know I graduated from Purdue in 91…okay that dates me a little!

TIMBO-I’m thinking of going back up to school here in the next couple of weeks. My GF is currently taking Maymester up there. Dude, if and when I get up there, we’ll go tear the gym up T-Dawg style!

Screel, I’m up for it, bro! You let me know if/when you’re coming up, and believe me, we’ll do it up. Wish I woulda come down to the Rec this past year…a blind T-Man indeed!

I’m in Bloomington. Workout in a little country gym in Ellettsville.

Hey HTuttle, I’m leaving Bloomington for Indy in about a week. I’ve been training at The Iron Pit for a few years now. It’s by far the best gym I’ve ever trained at, so I’m a little spoiled heading to Indy. I’m scared I’ll have to settle for a “health club” when I move up there.

Brock is in Indianapolis. I have been there
only to visit, for the American Association
of Pharmaceutical Scientists annual meeting
last year. Had a great time with Brock and his terrific wife while not at the meeting.