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Indianapolis 500

Hey guys, I need some help, I am going to The Indy 500, and staying at a hotel in the area all weekend. because of time constraints I can’t get a workout in until Sunday morning before the festivities. I will be out of my element, away from home and will not return until Monday night. I will need to go around 7 or 8AM to get back to the hotel in time.

Anyone know a gym in that area that I can go to and pay a fee to get some training in? it doesn’t have to be too hardcore or fancy. Just somewhere with some equipment and some iron. If anyone has an idea please let me know.

Thanks, Russ

411.com;yellowbook.com…do a search, you’ll find something

yeah, I have, I was just hoping to get inside gouge on a good place to go. My sales rep sent me a link too Cardinal Fitness… but I don’t want to have to fight with a pack of concentration curling ab boys for the one squat rack if possible.