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Indiana Supreme Court Spits on 4th Amendment



Anyone entering my house illegally is getting shot, badge or no badge.


I completely disagree with this ruling. I do not believe that I could in good conscience live in the state of Indiana if this ruling were allowed to stand. Thank God I do not have to make that decision.

It is this kind of slow erosion of individual rights that turns my stomach.


Agreed. Unfortunately, I do live in Indiana. I haven't seen any national news today, but it's gotten zero local news coverage. I emailed the story to every news outlet I could find, too. This needs to be shouted down and overturned in a higher court.
I just can't believe the arrogance of those judges to say that if a cop is entering a home illegally a person has no right to stop it. This is definitely against the 4th Amendment and seems to put the cop above the law. In Indiana, a person has the right to shoot any intruder in the home. Why would a cop in the home illegally be above that law? BTW, in Indiana we've had a large rash over the last year or so of corrupt cops getting caught committing crimes including embezzling, murder, drunken driving, battery, theft, excessive use of force....so on and so forth. With this sort of character I would never let a cop enter my home unless he had a warrant.


Very poor decision. Hopefully it will not stand. Keep us posted.


I've always wondered what would happen to an innocent person who resisted a no-knock entry out of reflex.

My instinct if someone kicked in my door would be to go for my gun. Do I not have the reasonable right to shoot armed men kicking in my door?

Cops have far too much discretion to begin with.


Slowly turning America into a police state. Taking away one liberty at a time. What happened to the rights against unreasonable searches and seizures? Pretty soon the bill of rights will be something for the history books.


This is how: