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Indiana Daylight Saving Time

Here in Indiana, our government is moving towards adopting Daylight Saving Time. How do the rest of you from Indiana feel? For those outside the state, do you like it?

I hate it. I lose an hour of sleep one Saturday night in April, and I don’t get it back until October, or November. I don’t really see the point in DST.

I hate it, in the winter it is dark at 4:30, but not like 5:30 is much better, I guess I just hate winter. But I do like that it’s still pretty light out at 8pm in the summer, nothing better than spending 10 hours on the lake tubing and wakeboarding!

Congress is trying to extend DST by two more months to save a shitload of oil. I can’t find the number of barrels, but it was staggering how much oil it saves.

I heard the reason Indiana doesn’t have DST is because the farmers thought the extra hour of daylight would burn the crops.

I think I will like it in spring and fall, so that it is lighter longer when I get home so I can play with my kids more outside…but in the dead of summer not sure if I’m gonna care that much for it.


That is an urban myth, farmers used to get blamed for a lot of the backwards things Indiana does.

I used to love daylight savings time. Then I graduated high school, and really stopped noticing the hour here and there. Yeah, the sun sets later these days, and that’s great, but I don’t exactly spend my days watching the sun set.

I could give a shit when the sun sets. I want my hour of sleep back.

Reidhoch, actually it’s a joke.

It doesn’t matter to me- as long as the sun sets and rises every day- I’m straight. Got better things like weights and women to consider.

Been doing the DST thing all m y life here in Michigan.

I like it because you get more evening sun in the summer. We can stay out on the water until almost 10PM fishing or just running fast.

The kids can play out in the yard longer as well.

Without the time change it would be lighter in the AM when no one is gonna be up using it.

Falling back an hour in the fall isnt a bad thing. You get to sleep in an hour, or stay out at the bar an hour longer ( was cool when I was into the bar-drinking-before kids and a wife)

In the fall when you fall back it also gives the kids ddaylight to walk to the bus. In the spring when you move forward the kids are stillw alking in the light.

I say give it a try. You will probably like it once it’s settled in on ya.

Here is a write up I found.

Daylight Savings Time
Changes and irregularities
Embargo changes

During the Arab-Israeli War in October 1973, Middle East members of OPEC issued an embargo against the sale of crude oil to Israel’s Western allies. In the United States, gasoline became scarce and prices jumped 40 percent, crimping the American economy. Following the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, Congress put most of the nation on extended Daylight Saving Time for two years in hopes of saving additional energy. This experiment worked, but Congress did not continue the experiment in 1975 because of opposition – mostly from the farming states.

In 1974, Daylight Saving Time lasted ten months and lasted for eight months in 1975, rather than the normal six months (then, May to October). The U.S. Department of Transportation – which has jurisdiction over Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. – studied the results of the experiment. It concluded:

Daylight Saving Time saves energy. Based on consumption figures for 1974 and 1975, The Department of Transportation says observing Daylight Saving Time in March and April saved the equivalent in energy of 10,000 barrels of oil each day – a total of 600,000 barrels in each of those two years.

Daylight Saving Time saves lives and prevents traffic injuries. The earlier Daylight Saving Time allowed more people to travel home from work and school in daylight, which is much safer than darkness. And while there is an increase in the morning hazard for those going to school and work, it is more than compensated by the evening decrease. Even so, there was significant opposition to the very dark mornings and the increase morning accidents under DST in the months of November through February.

Daylight Saving Time prevents crime. Because people get home from work and school and complete more errands and chores in daylight, Daylight Saving Time also seems to reduce people’s exposure to various crimes, which are more common in darkness than in light.

The Department of Transportation estimated that 50 lives were saved and about 2,000 injuries were prevented in March and April of the study years. The department also estimated that $28 million was saved in traffic accident costs.

Congress and President Reagan change Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time was changed slightly in 1986 when President Reagan signed Public Law 99-359. It changed Daylight Saving Time from the last Sunday in April to the first Sunday in April. No change was made to the ending date of the last Sunday in October.

This was done ostensibly to conserve energy during the month of April. Adding the entire month of April is estimated to save nationwide about 300,000 barrels of oil each year.

I lived in Indianapolis for 7 years. The daylight savings thing never got to me. Not being able to buy beer on Sunday pissed me the fuck off. Especially during football season.

I like it. It wouldn’t bother me if it was kept year round.