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Indian TV Host Slapped by Contestant


Now, what led up to it:

Looks like the host took her role a little too far...

But god bless mob rule. I'm sure the Mahatma is proud.


I saw this clip a while ago. I still have mixed feelings about it. She should have kept her hands to herself, and he should have shown more self control. I guess they both got what they deserved in a karmic sense.




I would totally pee in her butt....


Her slap shouldn't have been nearly enough to provoke hitting her back, whether she deserved it or not. It looks like he took a pretty good beating for it. What annoyed me most about the video is the "tough guy" in the pink shirt who felt compelled to come running in and get in some cheap shots/stomps, not once, but twice, while the contestant was getting pummeled by the host. That's pussy fighting right there.



Bitch had it comming. Deserved it. Badly.


The guy shouldn't have slapped her. End of.

That being said, she was WAY out of line.


If I could understand what the show was about then maybe I would have a different opinion, but it sounded like she was being a bitch.

She deserved it.


Yea this shit has been around for a long time.

But I agree with what people are saying.


If men and women are equals why is it that when a woman hits a man he probably deserved it, and when a man hits a woman he's a wife beating redneck? I'm not talking about this video specifically just what the general attitude seems to be.


bitch aint even hot...shit, indian chicks are ugly as fuck



After all of that, though, I probably would have spit in her face.


I don't care who you are, you can't hit a woman. Period.

Even if she is an ornery gross indian chick.

That guy is a joke and deserved a much more severe ass whipping.


She got what she deserved, plain and simple.

Although, I disagree with the generalization that Indian chicks are ugly being that I'm pretty partial to them myself.


Not for equality huh?


Eeeewwwwwwww........ They all act like stupid white trash. All those people are gross. I can almost smell them... YUCK!




Bullshit. What if the woman is some 250lbs beast who is hitting your woman?

What if a woman is about to shoot you and your only chance is to slap her and take the gun?

What if some woman breaks into your house and is now holding a pair of gardening sheers over your privates?

Still no hits, huh?

What if a woman is Osama Bin Ladin?


Sorry but if we are equal then I'm going to use equal force when I'm attacked. It pisses me off to no end when women go around attacking men then run and hide behind this "can't hit a woman" bullshit shield.

But hey go right along with women deserve all of the man's shit in a divorce and I know how much all of you guys love that.


This has got to be the funniest fuckin' thing you've ever wrote.