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Indian Clubs


I'm really interested in incorporating Indian Clubs into my strength routine. Has anyone had experience using these? Are the strength gains worth the initial expense of buying the clubs?


why not just use sledgehammers?


Hadn't considered that actually. Cool idea! Does anyone have any workouts involving hammers or clubs? Or can anyone point me to a website that would help with my research?


Haven't found that much online so far. For anyone that's interested check out:


Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.


I filled a softball bat w/ some sand and sealed it back up.


axe, splitter, and sledge w/tire


This wont really help but it was interesting none the less. While watching the Three Stooges, in a "health spa" episode, there was a gymnasium the guys ran into with two sets of Indian Clubs on the walls. Small to large. One was painted, the other looked unfinished. Kinda funny I thought.


I'd love a set of both kettlebells and bear clubs. There's a blacksmith here in the UK that is making some beautiful sets. His website is called Intense Fitness.

Still can't find much on actual training routines for Indian clubs, but on there are some excellent movies of basic kettlebell moves at his site.


Great for muscular endurance, active recovery and improving range of motion. It will make you stronger but it's no replacement for squatting, pressing and pulling.


I strength train for martial arts, so I found the idea of clubs and kettlebells quite appealing due to the range of motion involved.

I've started powerlifting recently, and the move from bodybuilding to powerlifting has been a real eye opener. My strength gains have been tremendous. It has really kick started my gains. I don't think I'll ever go back to bodybuilding style training again (I'm never going to compete and with powerlifting I've never felt stronger).


Personally, I love Clubbells. Sledges are great for striking tires, sand etc. but are unwieldly and dangerous when using them for many of the exercises available, particularly when swinging above, around and to the sides of your head due to the distribution of weight. Clubbells work ranges of motion not available by other means in a safe manner.

Clubbells and Circular Strength Training in general are both an excellent adjunct to weight training in my opinion. My shoulders, elbows and wrists have never felt better.


Thanks Nikolo. If you have time at some point could you outline how you incorporate them into your training regime.


get a few wooden baseball bats and add some "donut" wts. the wts are probably sold wherever you can buy a bat. the donuts stay tight with a slight tap. wts are easily interchangeable.


i like the idea of filling an aluminum bat with sand (or water, oil, metal, etc)


I have clubbells, kettlebells and use sledge hammers as part of my mma training, I find them a good alternative to regular training and add variety to a program.

I had all of my stuff made for me by local tradesmen and it was a hell of a lot cheaper than buying the clubs and kettlebells from the net.

Here is a pic of the Kettlebells are 17kg each ( I have some heavier ones being made) and the wooden clubbells are 12lb and 20lb each, the metal club is 20lb.


They look excellent Matsumi. How much did the Kettlebells cost you?


I use lighter clubbells for joint mobility work and also as a warm-up prior to training. They are great for my shoulders. Chins and pull-ups were always a problem for me. Not only was I weak but something was always being tweaked. Using clubbells fixed this for me, now I just have to work on the strength aspect.

The heavier clubs I use to finish off a work out with one or two drills that tax me.

Once a week, following my last training day, I use a heavy club for two handed work. Fun and primal feel to it as well as a great work out.

They are very versatile and if you want to get real in depth, check out Scott Sonnon's material. The man has a lot to offer beyond swinging clubs.

Good luck


The master of the clubs! I remember him using them when I was younger. I was astounded that he could twirl them around like nothing. He used some really heavy ones also!


They were 30 pounds each I think and he seemed like he could go all day with them.


Guy, thanks for the great response. I'm completely sold on the idea of getting both clubs and kettlebells. I let you know how I get on.




The kettlebells were made by a mate of mine he said they would of cost about $80 if I had to pay for them, the metal club was $50 and the wooden clubs were $35 for the 20lb pair.