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Indented Bicep

I attached some pictures below:

Just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this? I have never torn the muscle…it has always been like this. It doesn’t bother me, it actually looks pretty cool in real life!


last one

lol its supposed to look like that.

i have that a tiny bit but u have it alot shit lol

I have that too, but over time it got bigger (the hole) I think I might have a tear, but don’t have benefits…guess I won’t be getting it checked

Might be where the two heads of the biceps converge?

No indent for me, you must be a freak.

Dent in your bicep? That means you’ll never be big, sorry.

Partial tear at some point? Maybe you never noticed? I’ve had partial tears in both biceps over the years, and I always think that I’ve permanently f-cked myself up -lol


I have no idea what it is haha. Only my left bicep has it.

I’ve had it since I was a kid so I don’t think it’s from a tear.

You van get free implants for that


You have a high insertion point.

Other than that I see nothing unusual.

My insertion is very low and the end of my bicep is touching my forearm when flexed.

High insertion = high peak, it looks a tad odd at the moment, but I see nothing wrong.

Refer to the insertion point reference thread.

I’m sure it’s not a tear.
A few pros even have it.

have you been in direct contact with the ghey, to your knowledge? It is insidiously contagious.

I think you just made a thread to try and show off your arm. But I’ll answer your question anyway, I hear that happens from sucking too much dick.

C’mon guys. He’s just a kid (I can tell by the sport, Fight Club, and beer posters in his room, along with bottles of supps on his dresser). I’m sure if he had a full body shot there, he’d have his hat backwards of at least cocked to the side ever so slightly.

Thanks for the ripping, but I was just looking for a legitimate answer, so I have an explanation when asked.

Thanks for the help West, much appreciated.

Your overthinking this. If you don’t have any pain, and it’s not stopping you from lifting, don’t worry about it, just keep going!