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Increse Volume with Band



Can I use exercise band to increase volume for upper body after the main workout?
If so what will be the rep range and how much sets?


Gthe easiest way to increase volume with your band is to simply get amplifiers for your instruments. If that doesnt satisfy your needs, turn up the volume to 10 or even 11 on the amplifiers. If all that fails, get bigger guitar cabinets if that doesn't work.


I just purchased Iron Woody bands and blast straps. When would be the best time to incorporate these into the training? In a separate workout along with the eccentric-less training or as in the livespill where u use it for added volume. And if u use it for added volume where would u put the assistance work then?


This is the best advice to increase volume for your band. Look into a line array setup for bang for your buck.


ROFLMAO at both of you. Posts full of win.