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incremental weights for machines

I really have looked everywhere. Here is the problem. On the machines where I train there is ample weight. People I train, however, are not strong enough to be able to handle the 10 lb increments that these machines have, and in some cases 20. Yes the majority of the work is done with free weights but when the person either uses a machine or nothing at all, the machine is better than nothing. Where can I find a 2 1/2 and a 5 lb piece that will fit on the stack. I can shove a light dumbell or use a second pin to hang an extra plate, but this does not look professional, nor is it stable. Has anyone seen what I am looking for?

I i’m not mistaken, a company called BFS, or Bigger, Faster, Stronger has what you’are looking for. I’ll check my cat.when i get to the gym tonight.

One word for you: Platemates.

  • Yes, it really IS only one word. Since 1505.5 AD.