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Incredulous at My T-Test Results


I'm 26 years old, so, sorry for crashing the party here, but I figure readers here will likely know more about my situation than the whippersnappers.

I received my bloodwork readout today, and I'm surprised at my testosterone serum level: 917 ng/dl. This number, designated as "High" on the readout on a "reference interval" of 241-827 (which I assume is the lab's idea of normal), gives me pause for the following reasons:

I have low energy, low libido, and difficulty waking up - which is why I went to a doctor. I weigh 145 lbs. at 6'. I have flabby, yet stick-like, arms.

What do y'all think? I didn't ask for a "free testosterone" test because I didn't want my doc to know that I know a little more than the average layman about T (thanks T-Nation!). Should I get that test?

BTW, my doc reviewed the rest of my bloodwork - including cholesterol and glucose levels - and concluded that the readings were "great." Thanks in advance.


Could be a number of things. Talk to your doctor


Do the right thing and ask the right person, i.e. a Dr. Not to be a dick, but this is not the place to be seeking medical advice. Do yourself a favor and go see your Dr. and tell them your story and see if they can't get you on the right track. If you are a competitor, then go see a sports Dr. I saw one years ago and he helped me a TON! Good luck and I wish you well.


I'm not seeking medical advice. I'm seeking anecdotes from those laypersons (or experts) familiar with hormone issues, especially those who have received test results that they found hard to believe. Thanks for your encouragement.


Why not?

I'm no expert, but I'd say if you had high test serum levels (like, I said I'm no expert- but I'm assuming this directly relates to test levels ??) but have low libido, stickly arms, and low energy... You should probably see a doctor.

At the very least try something like TRIBEX, Alpha Male, or REZ-V. If those symptoms go away- then go see a doctor about HRT.

If you try those and the problems dont go away- there could be a problem (big or small) unrelated to horomones... Which IMO, you should want to make sure you're ok.

At 26, you should still have enough energy to get out of bed.

...again, I'm no expert, thats just my take.


Your symptoms could be totaly unrealated to Test levels.

Are you on any meds?
What is your diet like?
Do you feel depressed?
Under stress?
Do you have any sleeping disorders (sleep apnea)?
Are you taking any supplements?
How is your quality of sleep?


I'm not seeking medical advice on the Internet. I am seeking it in the real world.


I take no meds. My diet is excellent - a Paleo diet, along the lines of what Arthur DeVany recommends - and the problems I listed are far older, several years older, than any diet I've been on.
I don't like the diagnosis "depression", but I admit to feeling sad quite often. I don't think I have sleep apnea - I never wake up at night struggling for air, and when I mentioned my symptoms, my doc did not suggest sleep apnea as a likelihood, and he seems very well-informed.

I've been taking 1 tsp of cod liver oil daily for about a month, but again my problems go back years. Sleep quality - I did mention to my a tendency to get up at night to whizz, and he thought that could be problematic.

These are good questions, thank you.

I suspect my sleep quality (or lack thereof) is the culprit, but wouldn't one think that if it caused my complaints that it would also depress my T? And, once more, maybe my free testosterone might be low.

Back to the subject of sleep. I think sleep apnea is unlikely because I occasionally do feel refreshed by sleep as long as I do so at an odd hour - such as an afternoon nap. But, far more often than not, a feeling of freshness eludes me after a traditional night's rest. I started a thread in the "Get A Life" sector on this subject yesterday, in case anybody's interested. And, by golly, you should be downright OBSESSED with my problems. Thanks again for the replies.


Jay, high testosterone without consuming enough food will yield a bodyweight like yours.

Now, I am making a huge assumption here; namely the assumption that your diet isn't where it should be. I jumped to this conclusion based upon your weight and height.

Not enough food can also lead to no energy (lethargy).

Also, what type of training (if any) are you doing? High T levels while sitting on the couch also don't equate to massive muscles.



I forgot to mention that I am considering REZ-V and Alpha Male.

BTW, I'm not under any more stress than usual. My degree of stress is actually pretty low.


I need to do some more research on the Paleo (??) diet you mention. Methinks I will find it doesn't have nearly enough calories or protein (mehopes I wrong).

High testosterone and sleep apnea are related. Unfortunately. From what I've read, the higher the testosterone, the greater the chance of sleep apnea.


A Naturopath not an MD---but along with your test levels--did you have your estradol levels checked? good chance with a Test level that high you also may have high estrogen levels--This can cause sleep disorders, depression, flab,stick arms/legs---Have your MD refer you to an endocrinologist--they know the chemistry better than a GP. Make sure you have all your symptoms written down, do not try and do it from Memory, and let them 'probe'-
26 is too young to be feeling like this!


Buffd_samurai and Dr.2008,

Thanks for your responses. The version of the "evolutionary diet" of Art De Vany (www.arthurdevany.com) that I follow consists of low-glycemic whole foods, characterized by relatively high protein and fat. I avoid sweets, sugars, grains (with the exception of oatmeal). Per De Vany's "evolutionary fitness" I work out 3 times a week (which is a little more than he recommends).

The sessions are brief, less than 30 minutes, but intense. I lift heavy (for me, that is) and fast, and try not to rest more than 30 seconds between sets. I do sprint intervals using the same principles. While I have been working out seriously for the fast 7 months or so (hitting the gym 3X a week), I have only applied this fast/intense/little rest protocol in the last month or so.

In addition, per De Vany, I don't do long-duration cardio. I don't count calories, but I was a skinny f__ker even when I pounded the refined carbs.

I didn't think to get my estrogen checked. This is good advice and I will consider it. However, I highly doubt I'll get a high score on the girly hormone as I lack body fat (including man boobs), I can see my abs when I flex just a little, my voice is very deep, I'm quite hirstute, etc. But,maybe these are ignorant standards to observe. Thanks again, guys.

To be honest with you fellows, my plan now is to 1) get my estrogen checked 2) get more information on sleep apnea 3) probably invest in some RES-V or Alpha Male. I'm also wondering if these problems are mostly if not totally in my head.


Its probably not t levels Jay. Im your age as well and a pretty trim guy myself, and Im assuming Ive got high T levels(never been checked, but the usual signs are there).

I get like you sometimes. If I ever don't get enough sleep or food, Im wacked out for a day or more. I also get overtrained pretty easily and I get DOMS pretty bad at times.

Just cause your young with good t doesn't mean shit, Im in the same boat. I get tired/depressed sometimes to, its part of life.

Ive found that routines really help. Getting in 8 hours of sleep every single day. Eating breakfast and right before bad every single day help.

You might want to refine your diet a little. I get cranky and lethargic whenever I don't get in enough carbs. I was on a carb restricted diet myself, and honestly it worked TO GOOD, meaning I was starting to shed weight at to fast of a rate.


what kind of calories are you getting? you should be getting at least 3500. low carb diets= lethargy. why are you on a diet like this. low carb diets arent healthy in the long run and stupid unless cutting. IMO


Jesus H., you're 6 foot and 145? How many calories are you actually eating? Have you tracked that with a reliable program? If you're getting more than 2500 (not estimated, confirmed), I'd also ask your doc to check for a metabolic disorder if the current ideas don't pan out.

You could also work out more often and/or for longer. That's barely any work you're doing.



3500 may be a little high to say at least, but otherwise agreed.

Fruit and vegetables are one's friend.



quote:I weigh 145 lbs. at 6'.

You could try easing off on the meth a little.


I wouldn't bother with TRIBEX or Alpha Male if your T-levels are already above the top of the range. It sounds counter-intuitive.

You may want to get your thyroid checked as well as cortisol. When not optimal they can cause a lot of the same symptoms you're experiencing.


I'm going to assume you're not kidding.

This illustrates my one complaint about comments on this site. Why is it so goddamn hard to believe that skinniness of this sort - which I admit is extreme - is not the result of drug use or starvation?? Certain commenters simply refuse to believe in natural human variation. It really boggles the mind.