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'Incredibly Muscular Physique'


Well, maybe not.

Abs-olutely amazing! Jared Leto strips off to unveil incredibly muscular physique (and is officially back to hunk status)

Jared Leto fans will be pleased to know he's back to looking like a dreamboat again after flirting with some very eccentric looks.

The actor posted a picture of himself posing shirtless on Twitter yesterday.

And despite the bizarre choice to wear a skirt in the photo, the 38-year-old looked in amazing shape, with an enviably muscular, defined body.

Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1322987/Jared-Leto-strips-unveil-incredibly-muscular-physique-officially-hunk-status.html#ixzz13C6sIvzN


Fuck I hate this Justin Bieber kid!!!


I don't think his forearm is big enough for that tattoo. But seriously, this mass monster probably weighs in excess of 159 lbs :wink:


I just can't take that guy seriously.

Although I don't particularly like his band, they do have decent skill. And he is a very good actor.

That said, every time I see him, all I can picture is Patrick Bateman cleaving his head in two with an axe.


this is the kind of body your average girl wants. there's a thread like this every other week. muscular to the average person is this. to the general public, arnold was a freak despite being our idol.

NB: when i say "girl", i don't mean weight lifting bull d-ke


Is that not a picture of Christian Bale in The Machinist?


I actually happen to like 30 Seconds To Mars. And I won't hate on the dude. He's in shape. While he is small, I'm not sportin abs like that. Better than most other folks who choose to sit day by day and get fatter and fatter.



Well considering he sports a girl's body, the skirt is not that bizarre a choice.


I know it's become fashionable here at T-Nation to rip on "scrawny" guys like this, but personally as a meso-endomorph I have more respect for someone who can get to low BF% while maintaining some muscle than someone who can get "big" while ballooning up to >20% BF levels. I guess it depends on what your phenotype is, and a natural ectomorph would probably disagree with me, but I've gotten reasonably "big" (24% BF, 275 lbs, pasty, shapeless 18.5" biceps) and reasonably lean (12-13% BF), and the latter involved much, much more discipline and sacrifice.



It's also funny how easy it is to stir-up shit about some random guy with low bf levels and a tad of muscle.

The 'hate' shouldn't be directed at guys like that, but at the media, instead.
After all, it's them that beg for stories like that.
It's them that author those stupid head lines.

Concerning the age-old adage about how girlies dig such physiques: yep, it's true. The operative word being 'girlies'. I'm not saying women would mind having such a physique going down on them - but in my experience, 20+ up to 40 y/o gals dig brawny physiques. grossly generalizing

A muscular physqiue will almost always work to your advantage if you know how to use it (and your mouth).

the easiest way to change a gal's attitude towards big muscles is to bang her. After that, she'll let you know that nothing compares to being jack-hammered (not making this up, I've heard this quite often).
There's your real-world application to big unfunctional muscles.


Point of the thread, bruder.


Wasn't directed at you, fratello.
Just making sure no unfunctional haters would jump on the usual 'I hate skinny guyz' bandwagon.
Gotta cut off the snake's head, after all.


We should all hail the TRUE Leto....Leto II, God Emperor!

5,000 T points if you get that.


Fucking Sandworm.


Well done!

You've kind of got me in a bad position as I don't really have any T points to give (though Iron Dwarf just gave me 10,000 in another thread) but I also must admit I don't really know what T points are.


I'll take his Golden Path, if you know what I mean...

Anyhow, as these things go, Leto isn't bad. An actor has a different kind of job, and it usually makes more sense for them to be smaller. Also, as mentioned, it's hard work to be that lean.


"NB: when i say "girl", i don't mean weight lifting bull d-ke"

Ah, hell, why not, I'll take the bait. You're a douche. Though I do appreciate the "NB."


No worries, Nards.
Just gimme that nifty nice shotgun you've stolen from Nada.


Aside from the media's inaccurate perception, at least the dude worked to get in shape.
With the wealth of info out there, there's no excuse why Americans are so fucking fat and lazy.



Now I have to give you a bunch more points for knowing his name!!!

What's with all the nerds that are also strong?!?!? This used to be so much easier in high school!!!