Incredibly Difficult Game

Does anyone know how to clock this game…its addictive and very irritating!

Have fun :slight_smile:

Borrowed this from somebody else.

Each selection of row/pearls combination has a binary code.
2 pearls= 10
3 pearls=11
4 pearls = 100
5 pearls =101
6 pearls =110

Basically, he must move first. You must make a move after his, that when you are done, add all of the rows’ binary code up, and every digit in your new number must be even. example 252 is even number, but 5 is not even. 242 works. After every move he makes, you make one making every digit even. You will win the game

that works, just remember that towards the very end u want him to be faced w/ 3 rows of 1 pearl each