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I saw it on opening day but only today saw there was a thread. anyways, i was literally blown away by this movie. ive really tried to find a flaw in the film but i couldnt. everybody did their job and ledgers performance was really one of the top(if not #1) individual performances ive ever seen.

I think he deserves the oscar hands down but i dont like how many people give him the nod simply because hes dead, because he deserves it regardless. aside from the acting the details of the movie itself were beter than any other batman or superhero movie for that matter.

The jokers set up of simply being crazy and getting his scars was beleivable compared to the orginal with Nicholson. im rambling but all in all i simply thought it was incredible. one of the best ive ever seen.

Er… I think someone doesn’t know how to reply. Lol.


lol fuck. i was desperately searching for a delete action once i did this but i guess i have to live with it.