Incredible Pain in the Balls of My Feet

Hi guys hope anyone can help me here…

for background the pain is mostly pronounced when i am playing Team handball i am 20 years old i Play D2,train 4-5 times 2 hours a week… 188 cm and weighs about 210 pounds

when i jump, sprint and cut a lot i get a sharp pain in the balls of my feet(the thing beetween the arch and the toes) the pain is located up towards the side of my foot the side were the big toe is.

when i wear insoles this is also the area that gets worn out before all others…

when i feel my feet afterwards… it feels like that hard skin has been “rolled” or pressed together and has formed some kind of “pill” so to say that is laying there and hurting my feet

Could this be the cause and how would i go about removing it !?

Does it hurt already at step, jump, cut #1? Other than seeing a podiatrist, the at home stuff I’d try:

1 - roll a golf ball around on the bottom of your foot (go easy at first to feel it out… it’s the equivalant of foam rolling other body parts).

2 - I’d try a bit of time w/ barefoot work (easing in to this VERY slowly, and tossing it out the window if it exacerbates the symptoms) on a treadmill. This can strengthen the right muscles (your arch for one), improve your gait, and allow your foot to function as God intended it to.

3 - It could be your shoes not fitting properly too. I had gotten a similarly described callous from insoles I was given a few years back for arch support (my understanding was that those supports actually made my foot muscles lazier), which was actually causing me to supinate quite badly.

Redness? Swelling? Pain when you press on it?

Have you increased your trainingload recently?
Has there been a traumatic moment that you remember, causing this pain?

Both feet right?

Have you got pain at night?

x2 on golf ball rolling

also try vibrams and get some ART treatment