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Incredible Little Kid

It would be cool to see how well he develops after he grows up.


It’s sad that he can curl that weight better than most guys I see in the squat rack

As of right now I think he is 15 years old…Im pretty sure he had to stop training that way because they thought it was bad for his body. The courts decided it I think. I seen a video of him benching 210 when he weighed 70 pounds.

That’s old footage. That kid is in his teens now - not sure what he’s up to these days…


I think he let himself go for awhile. Still though, thats pretty crazy. Everything in that video looked photoshopped. I know its not but it looks like it.

I am pretty sure his dad went to jail for feeding him steroids.

Don’t think he could do that without forced reps.

Still, a sick father, that’s for sure. I saw it on TV once. He should do 1000 situps before he could have dinner.