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Incredible Journey Around The World

I was reading an article on espn.com about Jason Lewis, an englishman who just completed this globe crossing journey, using only human power (pedaling, walking, canoeing, etc). At first he and his buddies thought the trip would last 24 months max. Apparently their math was a little off because it wound up taking 13 YEARS! Jason just finished last month after beginning the trip in 1994. Along the way he had a number of adventures that are way better than anything Hollywood could dream up. Here’s a couple links that help tell the story:



I saw this guy interviewed on UK TV when he got back. An amazing achievement and really interesting guy.

thats amazing, ive always wanted to travel the world, but peddling the whole way isnt my cup of tea.

My vote for T-man of the year. Balls of steel, a little crazy in the head, and a lot of adventure. Not to mention iron-willed determination to finish. Wow. And on top of it he manages to educate youngsters while alone in the ocean.

All kinds of badass.