incredible hulk

Hey anyone know why gamma rays made the incredible hulk the strongest comic book hero ever? Why can the hulk regenerate faster than anyone else? Did a t-man invent the hulk? It seems like it… how can I get such a mutation? :slight_smile:

I think it would be better to get bit by a spider & get a huge vertical jump then get a NBA contract. You’d make millions, it would be like you had flubber on your soles. If that doesn’t work, hook up with Galactus, he’d give you super powers AND you’d be able to go out in space, etc.

The Hulk can jump higher than Spidey. Just check out the comics. The Hulk has such massive strength he can literally jump into orbit. Of course the hulk has changed dramatically from the beginning of his inception. There are something like 10 different manifestations but all of them are ridiculously strong. I need some gamma rays…

A fellow named Stan Lee invented the Hulk. And yeah, he’s pretty much a T-man in my book, despite not having much in the muscle dept.

Hmmm, let’s ask this question: If you could ever choose to have a comic book superhero’s power, which would it be? I think I would love to be Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix - man, be cool to be the all powerful telepath/telekinetic. But then, would be cool to be like the Silver Surfer and travel through the universe on a a surf board. OR, Dr. Strange. Hmmm, even She Hulk eyes glaze over YEAH, be She-Hulk.

Patricia, you’re already there. You just need green skin.

Yeah I like my Jean Grey. :slight_smile:

Dr. Manhattan…Beyonder…Darkseid. Okay someone with a sane power level. SilverSurfer!!! One of “The First” would be good. GreenLanturn’s Power Ring would rock. Orion from the New Gods. Apocalypse…yeah!!! Yeah I’m taking Apocalypse. Yes I like the powerful characters. :slight_smile:

The gamma rays caused ionization of a water molecule near a DNA molecule. Those ions reacted with the DNA and produced a mutation of the myostatin gene. Hey it’s plausible! :slight_smile:

I’d go with plain ole’ Superman. In the Kingdom Come graphic novel he becomes immune to kryptonite (something to look forward to as one ages, total invincibility) plus he’s bangin’ Wonder Woman! Maybe I would even develope those psychic powers he has instead of relying on the obvious ones.

Ironman. Who has the cooler song, Ironman by Black Sabbath or Superman by the Kinks? Der…

Wonder Woman all the way! Now if they only made underoos in my size…

Nightcrawler, or Spawn.

Spawn or Mister Sinister…i love that whole dark and evil kinda thing.


Thor…or either Sue Richards, the Invisible Girl :slight_smile:

Mr. Fantastic! It’s all about penis manipulation, baby - definitely not one-size-fits-all!

Uh ohh, after that Mr. Fantastic post, let’s just forget about the Invisible Girl!

Captain America. After all he was the result of steroid experimentation on a 90lb weakling by the US Army. That kind of juice I would love to have.

Apocalypse has just about every power including shapechange and super stretching so…he can have a wonder dong too. Yay. :slight_smile: