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Incredible Hulk

Who is going to play the incredible hulk next summer?

Goldberg! THIS has already been talked about here!!! face of disbelief

Eric Bana is Bruce Banner and The Hulk will be entirely CGI.

The computer.

Jared from Subway.

The actually CG character has been modeled over the stats of Lee Priest (I guess if he were 8 feet tall and green he’d look pretty hulkish with his proportions).

They did a 3d scanning of him to use as a basic template.

I’d like to nominate Goldberg for the role. Your school colors aren’t green, are they?

As a matter of fact, they are using Lee Priest’s physique. Hard to believe, but true. It’ll be computer simulated. You’ll read it in the Muscle rags in the next couple months.

There’s a teaser before Attack of the Clones. You really don’t see the Hulk much though, just an eyeball.

I second molsonman’s nomination. Can we put this to a vote now?

molsonman, you got me with that one… =)

thought you fellers and gals might want to know that a guy named Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) is set to pen Indiana Jones 4 flick. And that Indy will have a son.

Just another kindly Public Service Announcement from...Patricia *smooch*

Sorry. i dont read many threads.

if you love the old hulk tv series as much as i do check out www.bryanshulkpage.com (no its noty my website), you can actually download complete episodes from the series.


I was just playin’ with ya. :wink:

As for Ferrigno: he has a cameo in the movie.

Brad Pitt.

Here’s a little something from someone who was actually on the set during filming of the “last scene” of The Hulk:

"What I saw basically looked very much like the comic book Hulk that's been surfacing on the Internet lately, with maybe his hair not so messy. Arms were a bit disproportionately large for the body and the shorts looked like speedos on him. I'm pretty sure the shorts in the latest pictures are of stretch material of somekind. Also the face I'm told will incorporate Eric Bana's face. I also heard recently in ET or some other place that Eric Bana's movements will be captured on a computer and translated into the cgi Hulk. I guess for anyone still asking who the Hulk will be, it's Eric Bana. World of computers you know."

Another Public Service Announcement ....:-)

HAHA That was the funniest thing I read on this board in a while. You really caught me off guard:)

Matthew Lesko.

I say HHH from the WWF. He is the only guy that fits the role. Plus with him you don’t need any special effects other than some green skin dye.

lets hope they do a better job with the Hulk CG then they did with the CG Scorpion King in the Mummy Returns.