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Incredible Hulk Halloween Costume


I went home this weekend to hang out with my family. Im the oldest of 7 so my brothers and sisters like for me to come home whenever i can. my youngest two brothers, both 10, asked me if it wasnt too cold if i would be the incredible hulk and since it wasnt too cold in northern indiana i dressed up as the hulk and took them trick or treating.


Not bad...not bad at all!




Should throw in some red contacts to top it all off.


you should wear these hulk smash hands with it


oh yeah you needed the hulk hands for sure!


I have few other pictures. I thought the hulk gloves would be too silly. Anyone else dress up as a super hero/ villian?




I'm finding this picture quite enjoyable to look at.




good placement of the accent paint! :slight_smile:

was at a party last night and there was a guy there dressed as Cratos from God of War... it was FUCKING AWESOME! Seriously one of the best costumes i've ever seen in my life. His buddy did the body paint and makeup... said it took 6 hours to get it. They got crazy makeup for the scar on his face... it was rad.

My girlfriend took a pic of him (dont know if the pic does the costume justice or not) but if it turned out good I'll post it when she gets home


How long does it take to do body paint like that?

does that stuff even wash off lol??

defienitely one of the better hulk attempts ive ever seen


It ended up taking about an hour and a half. the hard part was that i needed a lot of green body paint and ran out and had to have someone go find me more and by that time a lot of places were sold out. and i was worried that it wouldnt come off too, but it actually came off really easily. im glad it came off easy tho, that would be an embarrassing moment going into work monday.


Good job on the Hulk; I have to ask, did you smash things?


or at least get smashed? did you "blarf"?


It is my dream to be captain planet, i am just too lazy to get lean enough...next year?


Fuck that, I would have left it on for Monday. I'm in the office, no travel so it would be nothing but amazing.

Debits & Credits, SMASH!


Good progress dude, you made a great hulk.


Assets + Smash = Debt + Equity + Anger

They equal, don't worry.




Nice. The shadowing is awesome.