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Incredible Buzz Over Fred Thompson


I gotta say that Fred Thompson has absolutely ELECTRIFIED the voters, by throwing his hat into the presidential ring.

**** tumbleweed rolls by ****

**** crickets ****

Wait, who's Fred Thompson again? The actor guy?





Apparently, it's the same here.


Well, I saw him announce on Leno and I have to give it to him: He's the best thigh slapper of the bunch.




I think they're all shooting themselves in the foot. It's 14 months till the election and we're already sick of the whole bunch.


There is not a single candidate from either party generating any excitement except Ron Paul who seems to inspire a very small group.


I knew you were a closet Paulie Zap


It is always easy to figure out which GOP candidate Brad61 - an apparent Giuliani ex-wife - fears the most at a given time.

Notice also how Brad61 isn't really "for" a candidate so much as against the despised GOP, any GOP?

Let's have some cool analysis on Brad61's candidate of choice - who might that be?


Yeah the lobbyist had a vibrating dildo party at Fred's place, they'll be back to pick them up later.



I wish he had a dozen more like him in Congress but I think he is way out of his league as a Presidential candidate.


Brad61 is a hater. He opposes everything yet offers no reasonable alternatives.


Thompson got four (yes, 4) supporters to show up at his campaign kickoff in Salt Lake City.


I guess he just singlehandedly doubled the GOP vote for the next election.


That's not what this thread is about, lunkhead. This is your big opportunity to wax poetically about how excited YOU are about Freddie (that is his actual first name, by the way. Not Fred or Frederic, it's Freddie).

Man, a couple of weeks ago, some of you guys were STOKED about Fred. Seriously, what happened to the buzz? I see no threads about Fred.

Don't tell me you guys are voting for the tranny...?


I am actually very excited about Fred's candidacy personally, but I also am waiting to hear him flesh out his direction and specifics compared to other candidates.

As for no threads about Fred, I can't speak for other interested folk, but there are only so many hours in a day between work, family, and fun - and increasingly, there is more fun to be had outside of the political forum.

But Brad61 - or should I say, Ms. ex-Giuliani - who gets your vote? We all want to know - after all, with all your really intelligent scathing analysis of GOP candidates, let's hear you defend the candidate you like with the same depth of eloquence.

Should be a hootenanny. Can't wait.


Wow, another fake, plastic sounding liar stepping out of the depths of hell. Nobody cares.


You are? Really?

I don't think he has any plans to flesh out much in the way of specifics, that's not really his thing. I think Richard Brookhiser summed him up pretty well:

"Fred Thompson came to the offices of National Review some years when he was still in the Senate. I liked him fine. He has done nothing, anywhere, ever. The Hubble Telescope could not find what he has done, because he has not done it."

And I'd still probably vote for him (general election, not the NH primary) on the off chance he won the nomination.


It seems that people expect blind devotion just because of party affiliation. I don't know why Brad61 expects us to be falling over ourselves, just because some man enters the race for the Presidency.

I usually wait to hear the platform he extols before I side with a candidate.

It seems Brad61 jumps a bandwagon without hearing squat from his candidate, and expects us to be the same.

I pity you, Brad61.


Your still supporting the closet lesbian right?


You got a fuckin' problem with 'Law & Order' motherfucker?