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Incredible Breakdancing Strength


Here is a guy who likley understands the connection between the the Iron and his sport. Note at about 1:12 in the incredible upper body flexability and strength. Also note as the vid is about to end the pushups with out feet and only on fingertips yet still in the prone position.



If you liked that, look up the video BC One. That video segment is from that event. I was always impressed with that guy. His strength allows him to do so many moves the other guys can't.


The push-ups at the end were fuckin sick!


Those are planche push-ups. The b-boy is known as "Junior". He is one strong mofo no doubt.


I was always impressed with the capoeira stuff that French actor did in Ocean's Twelve, but this beats it, hands down, in terms of fluid grace and strength.

I can't even do one one-arm pushup, not for lack of strength but because I just can't get the balance point right. The look on his face as he does fingertip pushups with feet floating in midair is priceless.


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Did he forget the pommel horse?

His transitions are crazy. (if that is what they are called)


Junior had polio as a kid, which is why his leg looks kind of weird. He doesn't toprock much, either.

He's a little bit lighter than most bboys his size, but there are guys (Kujo, Darkness and Cico come to mind) that can do similar moves.

Here's a vid with Kujo for comparison;

Also, having dabbled with this type of thing in the past, I would say that lifting weights is strictly ancillary if you're trying to achieve a planche or a flare. It requires a large degree of strength from awkward positions and body awareness, not to mention familiarity with basic gymnastic moves.

Things that would probably be most useful for bboying would be;

*"Baby" or half-planches (at least to start, 'cause planches are fucking hard)


*Handstand pushups (this is a big one. The more strength you develop here the better)

*Handsprings, cartwheels, etc.


If it's the same guy I am thinking of then I am almost certain one of his legs is prosthetic actually. He is still sick strong, but that is lot of weight off of your lower body.


I wonder what stabilizer muscles are at work when they do that...


Even crazier.




There's no way that first bboy's leg is prostetic, if so, that leg can take one hell of a beating because he puts it through a lot. Anyone know the name of the first break dancer?


I've never seen anybody with a prostetic leg bend their legs like that.

If you want to say his legs are tiny fine but many gymnast seem to have proportionate legs and perform many of the same moves isn't it possible he had the same background?


The guy calls himself B-boy Buana AKA Junior, he is from France and if you google his name + prosthetic leg you will get many hits. It is his right calf that is prosthetic from what I can find.

You can see that he walks funny and limps a little if you watch this vid.


Apparently though his strength is at least partially due to being in a wheelchair for awhile at which time he trained nothing but upper body.


fuck weights i'm breakdancing.


No reason you can't do both. Unless you do the gymnastics stuff for hours on end.

Also, this stuff gives your cardiovascular system more than a tickle; try to six-step as fast as you can for fifteen minutes straight. Most people will be sucking wind at the end of it.