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Incredible 5/3/1 Gains




just curious if the 5/3/1 protocol tells you to just use the projected numbers or if you can test your maxes after a training phase? Personally I'd rather lift the weight rather than use projected maxes.


maybe try for a max every 3 or 4 cycles and adjust accordingly.


Switch the 3 and 5 weeks and do heavy singles on your new Weeks 1 & 3, and only the prescribed reps in new Week 2 (the 5's week).

This is his routine in the upcoming 5-3-1 for Powerlifting.


Or, if you want to stick with 5/3/1 and occasionally test your maxes, just work up to something heavy on your 5/3/1 week (don't go for max reps on the set of 1).


I don't run 5/3/1...more of a bastardized WBC approach that seems to be working for me and the guys I train with. Only element from 5/3/1 that we unwittingly incorporated into our approach is heavy overhead presses...seems to be helping out everyone's bench, although I recently received advice from a world class bench specialist that said to avoid overhead presses because they beat up the rotator cuffs pretty badly over time.

In any case, thanks for the insight...was just curious.


I've actually found that heavy OHPs make my shoulders feel better...I notice a sharp increase in shoulder pain doing random activities when I am off of OHP for a while compared to when I am doing them...



My shoulder is so fucked, that I cannot db bench the 35's, cant even do one push up right now.

but my overhead press is doing fine. did a strict 3x90kg, 1x 100kg from the clavicles, not this starting from the nose or forehead shit like I have been seeing lots of videos lately.

is that impressive, NO, but considering I cannot even do a pushup, well, like balla says, the overhead press is actually easier on your shoulders than horizontal pressing IMHO.


I think running 8 day weeks (lifting every other day) is a great way to do it if you don't need a regimented schedule. I set my own schedule subject to the occasional emergency needs of my clients and I really like running 8 day weeks.


try to focus on what is causing your shoulder pain an fix it, try turning your hands out or in to see if that helps, you dont want this to screw up future training as it can affect other training down the road if not addressed now


With those calculated 1RMs your CNS isn't used to heavy weights yet so generally the closer you are to a 1RM the more accurate those calculators are. If your calculated max is going up you are making progress but it may be a little more exagerated than you expect. Great work with the progress. Keep it up.

for example:
I deadlifted 390x8 Which would be roughly 490 lbs calculated estimate deadlift max

In competition I only got 446. My CNS wasn't ready to handle 490 yet.


assistance work from the book?
good job!


My 1rm calculations almost always give me a lighter weight than what I can actually lift. I don't hesitate at all to quote them anymore when people ask me about my maxes.
As far as results from 5/3/1 go, I have added at least 60lbs to my bench, after having it be my worst lift for a long time.