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Increasing Your Hang Clean


Hang cleans every day oughta do the trick, a little squatting here and there shouldn’t hurt


Practice technique… You can add a lot to hang cleans by learning technique… I never do them so probably can only hang clean like 200 or something stupid low considering I can squat 485 raw… My whole point is that if you have a decent strength base then this is very doable if you learn technique. If you have no base strength (IE can’t squat 300+) then this is highly unlikely.


The competition this guy was training for happened almost 3 years ago people…


Epic bumps are epic




I added 60LBS to my hang clean in a few months. I did this by learning to drop under the weight and catch it in a deep front squat position. A squat clean, if you will. I went from 240-300. Maybe learning to try this method will help.