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Increasing Your Hang Clean


At my High School we have a competition called the Iron Ram competition and one of the qualifications is to be able to hang clean your body weight + 75 lbs, which means I have to hang clean 280 lbs. Out of all my lifts, hang clean is probably my worst, so I'm looking for some advice on how best to increase my hang clean.
Right now I Hang Clean 185 and am looking at about 7- 10 weeks of training.


someone else can help you more with this but the more i can snatch pull the more i can power clean that is for damn sure.


I think adding 95 lbs to your hang clean in two months is just a tad unlikely


I think it's pretty damn unlikely, but he's young and good technique alone can add a ton of weight if his technique is crap right now. With the proper technique and a good routine focused on improving his power clean, he might be able to pull it off


The only I see this happening is as follows:

1) Try and lose as much weight as is practical between now and then without hurting your strength. You are 205 lbs. right now, so depending on your height and current body fat level, you might be able to bring the requirement down to as low as 260 by losing 20 lbs.

2) I would do box cleans where you are cleaning from boxes or trays that are set up so the bar is in the hang position already. This forces you to clean without any rebound effect and will really force you to jump with the weight in your hands instead of doing an upright row/reverse curl with some knee kick.

Drop all other lifting except for perhaps some front or back squats after the box cleans. I would do a Bill Starr type routine where you lift M/W/F on Heavy/Light/Medium schedule. Work up to a heavy set over may 5-7 sets on Monday. On Wednesday go up to 80% of Monday's top set, and Friday go up to 90% of Monday's top set. You don't have to do singles and it might be better if you do doubles or triples. I would not go more than 3 reps per set, though.

The following Monday, you would add what you can. If you think you'll be able to drop 20 lbs. by the time of the competition, you will need to average a 7.5 lb. increase each Monday on your top set. If you drop no weight, you will need to average a 10 lb. increase each Monday, which is less likely.

After the cleans, do some squats, perhaps with a similar setup. Finish with some shrugs and call it a day.

In the final week before the competition, I would practice the actual hang clean instead of the box cleans, and work up to a max single (assuming you've been using doubles or triples).

I don't see you being able to accomplish this any other way, to be honest.


add 185lbs on your fullsquat

and practise hang cleans while your at it

you should be able to powerclean 305 from the floor and hang powerclean 285, when you've done that :slightly_smiling:


Sounds so fucking easy when you say it that way :-p


strong advice here above...


Make sure you work on shrugs/power shrugs, RDL's, and front squat. I increased my hang clean from 235 to 340 in a year and a half concentrating on these.


The solution: some sort of Test/ Gorilla Growth Hormone cocktail.

Seriously, the goal seems a bit steep. What is your overhead squat? When I worked on this lift, things really came together for the Olifts.


I saw this lacross college all star doing power shrugs...

they seemed pretty intense because you could go REALLY heavy...

worth a try I think


Hmmmm 7-10 weeks to take you from ordinary to exraordinary...

that's a tough one....instead of wasting it doing that...why not

increase your standing shot to 18m
your vertical to 40 inches
get your 100m time down to 9.90,
or maybe just invent the cure for the common cold
hey in 12 weeks you could probably do all four !!!!

sorry, but....


Your goal is unrealistic. Juiced to the gills it would take you at least 3-4 months to add 100 lbs to your hang clean.


i would suggest dropping weight. 185 to 280 is a ridiculous jump, not impossible but extremely difficult.

also try doing clean pulls more often, they increase ur clean greatly....


Well, hang cleans are my favorite lift. They are considered the most athletic lift you can do. Im 17 and i weigh about 175 or so....give your take a pound. I squat 375 and my bench is 225, which isnt that good. My hang cleans, however, are averaging 275 to 280....it deepens. Considering that hang cleans (with proper form) is a leg lift for the most part, work on your leg strength. I don't know much but I know hang cleans. Wearing straps are a advantage to...so utilize them whenever possible. Oh, and keep your chest over the bar whenever you bring it down before your explosion on going up.


This thread is in the wrong forum. You will likely get a better response from the Olympic Lifting forum. These guys' advice are sound, but I think Weightlifters would have more experience in working with a vertical-specific training program.

My advice is to drop bodyweight, and concentrate on one from each of these lists each session, 3-5 days a week.
1. back squat, front squat, box front squat, zercher squat
2. full clean, box clean, box clean (different height), snatch grip high-pull, box high pull, hang clean
3. explosive push press (focus on leg drive)
4. snatch pull, clean pull
5. back extensions
6. abs
7. curls, shrugs

Obviously stick to a 2-5 rep range, lower number of sets of each as you increase frequency.


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Hang Cleaning is mostly TECHNIQUE! with out technique you will never reach maximum cleaning weight. It does not matter how strong you are it all depends on form and how explosive you are. Size/weight mean absolutely nothing when it comes to this lift.