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Increasing Wrist Circumference


Has anyone had any experience or success increasing the circumference of your wrist using wrist flexion/ extension, or maybe leveraging? I've been doing it for a while, but my wrists are tiny for my size. I feel my tiny, 12-year-old-boy like wrists are keeping me from pressing impressive weight (I weigh 260, and can only BP 385). Any thoughts? Am I just screwed?


You're kinda screwed. Your wrist size is primarily determined by bone/tendon, not muscle or fat.

So, if you're a powerlifter...might be a little out of luck. If you're a bodybulder, though,it's good news. Smaller joints make muscles look bigger. Find a pic of Flex Wheeler. He had teeny-tiny wrists and ankles, and it made his already massive muscles look even...massiver? (That's not a word, I know.)

But, think of it this way: most people (myself included) with itty-bitty wrists have similarly small ankles, so the nickname of 'Kankles' isn't in your future.


I say don't worry...because small ratio....will make you biggger.
And if you ever compete...it will make your attachment's look bigger.


Unfortunately, I'm not a bodybuilder. I train in a powerlifting/strongman hybrid style. Just watching tapes of power lifting comps, the best benchers seem to have thick ass wrists on which to support big weights. Hopefully my tiny wrists can at least be strengthened sufficiently to allow me to be competitive.


...which adds to an overall thicker frame. My wrists are pretty big (and so are my fingers considering a size 13-14 ring size) but I always got comments on my forearms even before I started lifting. I truly don't think much can be added unless your tendons increase in size. That wouldn't happen unless there was a very large increase in the muscle mass of your forearm and upper arm considering the weight needed to build that through curls and direct training.