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Increasing work capicity

Whenever a person would write in to Charles Poliquin complaining about the fact that they overtrain easily, Charles would reply with the fact that they needed to increase their work capacity. He never layed out a specific way to this. Reading into it I guess he was suggesting more volume in workouts to adapt to heavier workloads. I guess I am the type that needs things layed out or specific instructions. Bottom line can anyone explain to me how to increase my work capacity so I won’t overtrain as of right now I have just been using hardgainer routines because of my tendancy to overtrain easily.
Thanks everyone for any input.

you have the right idea. Its in supertraining somewhere, but i haven’t got that far yet as the book is sooooo boring.

Increase your overall fitness levels to increase your work capacity. You don’t have to do it all in the weight room. Try reading some of the recent writings by Coach Davies and incorporate a few of them. You could start off adding 15 minutes worth of bodyweight GPP exercises after each workout…maybe do some sprints, cardio activity or play some sports a few times a week. If you don’t want to do any of this stuff then you can do weighted GPP a few times a week with the use of a sled, tire, or sandbag