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Increasing Weekly Pressing Frequency


Hey. First of all i want to say that i really like the methods you are using for training. Well, Do you think i could increase the number of pressing workouts(Chest,Shoulders,Triceps) to two times each week? This is the workout im doing on mondays:

Military press,3-5 reps, 5-7 sets, increasing the wheight on each set until technical failure is reached. 30s rest between sets.

Incline Bench press,3-5 reps,5-7sets, starting with the wheight i ended with in the military press, increasing wheight each set. 30s of rest beteen sets.

Bench press,3-5 reps, 5-7 sets starting with the wheight i ended with on the incline bench press, increasing wheight until techical failure, 30s of rest between sets.

Do you think that I could do this wotkout two days every week, or would it simply be to much volume for the muscles and CNS? In that case, how many sets chould i prefferably do on that wotkout for, let's say, chest?


You are not using my training because I train the pressing muscles AT LEAST twice a week and up to 5 times a week.


Christian: If you had to choose between a greater frequency of weekly pressing vs. greater sessional volumes of pressing, but at a lower weekly frequency, which would you choose?


Program A has 4 weekly pressing sessions.

Program B has 2 weekly pressing sessions (your minimum), but double the number of sets of A.

I realize you would prefer both higher frequency AND high sessional volume. Also, how would your answer change (if at all) depending on whether hypertrophy or strength is the primary goal?