Increasing VO2 Max with PEDs?

Hey guys. I’m looking for some information on improving VO2 max rather quickly. Its not something that can really be done. But every percentage of improvement counts. From controlling caffeine intake and raising RBC I’ve heard they can make fair differences but i haven’t found to many links about what people to take to improve this.

Its not for a professional sport or anything that would be considered cheating. I just want to form a generic list of what will improve it and what will hold it back or make it worse in the world of AAS and Sarms ect… i have my first ever VO2 max test coming up and will be doing them consistently over the next few years and want to maximize and study my improvement over the time.

Does anyone have any good cut and dey dry links about the substances used (banned or not) or have any good/bad off their head lists they can spout out based on experiences?

Sorry, can’t reply. Responses on this site need to be at least 4 characters and my response is only 3 characters.

Lol hgh?:s

I would say it really really and really takes long time to improve vo2 max

For sure it does. I dont really expect changes over night. im just interested in what will improve it faster with the hard work over time vs what will hold you back
And if there is anything thay can improve it for short term immediate change. Like taking a specific thing before a 30 min hard cardio session… not a full on marathon or event of any sort.

Nope, EPO. Thank you for allowing me to add the negatory and thus exceed the 4 character minimum.

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Side note don’t use epo for recreational purposes or without the supervision of someone who is very experienced with epo and can monitor you closely.

This is just my opinion but that’s a drug that should be used if your in a professional situation where winning something equates to you making a living or bringing home a sweet payday.

And plz no one lecture me on not using drugs in professional sports etc the fact is almost everyone does but the smart ones don’t get caught.

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EPO costs like 5K/kit here!

It does equate to that on a professional level for me. Just not as an athlete in a sport. My income and the beginning of my career depend on my ability to compete with others and im up against a couple professional athletes in the top fifty of all who passed the first two stages of a four stage process
They’re taking 8-10 on for employment and every little bit of added performance will makea massive difference at this time. I estimate being in the top twenty for a joke, but the odds aren’t comforting to me that each and every one of these people have the same options I’m weighing in on right now.

Im not expecting to much of term and hope for maybe a percent or two improvement on top of everything else I’ve done already. Being an ex junior hockey player and competitive athlete my whole life I’m no stranger to what I’m up against in this process but if i don’t make the top 10 out of fifty, i will continue to push my limits further and further so its without question i don’t fail twice. It could be a couple years before I get this chance again.

I was gunna hit the heart becasue you gave the price but holy… i can’t possibly like that comment haha please do not say a Canada lab supplies this at this price. Im guessing labs generally don’t supply this stuff.

Im used to using AML gear and Terragon (my preference). About to take a look for product now and hopefully make an order tonight…

5000 :cry:

Haha ill always give reason for max input

In the United Stated the overwhelming majority of baseball, basketball, football, hockey and track & field athletes are completely clean. There’s a few that aren’t but I bet they are less than 10%. Even 10-15 years ago at the height of PED use, it was still probably way under 25%.

The only sport I can think of where the majority of the top athletes are using is crossfit. Even the UFC has brought in USADA and got rid of the ridiculous “TRT” bullshit they used to allow.

I dont know where you pulled this number form maybe Google?

Im not looking to debate I don’t play professional sports I have a buddy who plays semi-pro and spend a lot of time around the big guys and he has made it clear almost everyone is on something (mostly hgh from what he has told me)

Again km really confused on how you got that number there is endless documentaries and confessions from pros that admit to PED use and talk about how rampant it is in professional sports.

Lol what? I would say its more like 10% are probably clean.



Ooookkkkkkk, so how exactly (aside from an expensive carbon isotope test) would unesterified testosterone be detected in the blood of an athlete. Firstly, there are numerous designer drugs (PED’s) that still aren’t on the WADA list (of which I’m not specifying, don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun), secondly tests typically (for testosterone) only test testosterone to epitestosteorne ratio, of which somettine like a 1:4 ratio (can’t remember specifics) is allowed. This ratio is hard to come by for the majority of natural individuals, thus one can always “shadow pin” and get away with it so long as a carbon isotope test of FSH/LH isn’t pulled. Of which it typically isn’t

Secondly… HGH

Thirdly, off season cycles with short esters, sublingual dosing of quick acting drugs right before competitions, altitude training (not doping, but effects are pretty similar) juicing up prior to going pro etc, if you REALLY think top level athletes, athletes that will do anything to get even the slightest edge over their competitors are clean then you’re probably somewhat brainwashed by what the media.

(Unesterified test won’t throw off t/epi ratio for more than a couple hours up to a singular day typically.) Also no ester to detect

I have no problem with PED use in sports either way, who wants to go and see a bunch of natural athletes doing normal things or showing off normal bodies? No one, we want to see freaks, superhuman men and women and think “woooooooooowwwwwwwwww, how’d he/she do THAT”.


Have a look at what was put on my road cycling thread. Some good advice given to me in the last month or two.

I’m looking at using a test base just above trt levels with a little bit of eq and turinabol. Eating at maintenance with 10-12 hours of cardio a week (cycling). Looking at timings to do 2 cycles and come in recovered and a lot fitter than I am currently at the start of next year’s race season.

Basically getting hematocrit levels higher from the EPO effect of the gear. The test is there for recovery and as natural levels will tank using the turinabol and eq.

Higher hematocrit = better endurance so long as you aren’t getting pumps from taking too much. Keep an eye on them so they don’t go too high though as you don’t want jelly for blood (risky).

How long have you got?

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I’d try maxing it out naturally rather than jumping to PEDs, I got mine to 72 as a distance runner.

I’d also argue that VO2 isn’t the end all for performance and that increasing efficiency and lactate threshold/turn point is more important

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Guys, those numbers are just my estimation of what I think is likely maxes.

@unreal24278, You’re more likely brainwashed by the media than I am. You don’t hear news stories about all the athletes who didn’t test positive. You hear a story every month or two about an athlete out of thousands who did test positive.

All your talk about esters, isotopes, hgh and short half lives may slightly weaken my point about USADA’s involvement but it doesn’t weaken jack shit about the fact that most athletes are damn confident in their ability and they simply have no thought of taking anything. They don’t go looking for it and they’re not even approached with it (excluding Dominican baseball players who are all approached with it). Guys like Mike Trout and Christian Yelich are freaks of nature. Everyone out on the far right tip of the bell shaped curve is and they don’t need drugs.

Yes this was my exact point earlier. The smart ones are easily able to beat the system.

It has nothing to do with being confident in thier athletic abilities. It’s simply you are being paid millions to perform the best you can and if you are a top performer you are paid tens and hundreds of millions. Using drugs to accomplish this i promise you doesn’t bother them one bit.

Im really suprised how jaded you are by this. Check out the Olympics documentary on doping check out some of the retired NFL and MLB players confessions to doping.

The testing these guys undergo is a complete joke. They often talk about how laughable it is. Someone will call you and say hey you need to drop a urine next month. On top of the long time frame your also allowed excused abcences from urines.

And the above mentioned is the Olympics I’m speaking of its even more relaxed in professional sports.

Those guys you hear about who get caught are stupid. Most systems are designed so they can claim accountability while allowing the athletes all the time they need to give a negative sample.

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LOL How am I the one who’s jaded? I’m the one who thinks most are clean and your the one who thinks if they don’t get caught it just means they’re smart. No benefit of the doubt given. That’s jaded.

Again, a few getting caught and a few retirees confessing does not mean the majority are using. It means a few are using.

Let’s agree to disagree and I apologize for the thread hijack.

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