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Increasing Vertical


Hey I am 16 years old and I weight 190 and I'm 6'3. I'm not really fat nor skinny just a little flab on my stomach. I'm a basketball player and I want to increase my vert... I've already got the vertical jump bible so i know what im doing my workouts are 2 times a week I wanted to buy whey protein ... if i get it should i take it before or after workout.. and only on workout days or everyday ???


Horrible punctuation aside, I think you need to do some more research before asking a question like this. If you had even a base knowledge of nutrition, you would not be asking this.

Flaming not withstanding, yes, buy protein. Take it after workouts and make sure you get at least 200 grams of it every day. Though it is true that speed and strength are neurally rooted activities, muscle recovery is important, especially for a beginner such as yourself.



Also, try getting the bulk of your protein from actual food such as meat and cottage cheese. Use the protein powder as a supplement -- that's what it is.


It's simple my baller friend! It's goes like this, Bruce Lee took his protein & so should you!

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www.longrange-vertical.com - best on the net that I've found yet.