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Increasing TRT to Steroid Cycle. AI and Caber Together?

Hey guys

I’m 23 years old and currently on trt, on 120mg of test e a week and getting these bloods

Ive been on TRT for 6 weeks now and thinking to maybe just try a full cycle of doing 500mg a week for 12 weeks and then going back to trt or possibly trying to stop and pct. I don’t have a question about pct yet. My question regards using an AI (I have arimidex) and I also have cabergoline for my prolactin, can these both be used together? I plan on taking arimidex every other day and cabergoline twice a week. 250mg test e injections twice a week also. Does this sound viable? Cheers

I would start off taking the AI twice a week, either the day of or day after your shots, .25mg. Most guys I see doing EOD on the AI end up crashing within 10-14 days as it builds up. Caber at .25mg twice a week as well to start, that is a really strong drug and can cause manic episodes.

Did you ever get the cause of the high PRL checked out? MRI?

Why are you on TrT? Prescribed or self administered?

If you are prescribed TrT, why cant you just be patient and run the protocol until your body balances itself out? Right now your body is going through hell trying to balance itself. Your natural Test probably just shut down and you finished going through whats called a Honeymoon phase.

Why is your estrogen sky high? Are you overweight? Not much muscle mass?


Thanks for the advice swoops I’ll do that! I havnt had it checked out no… I assume its down to the trt as hormones are everywhere, I was prescribed trt through a private company, my levels before were 10 for test.
I’m not too sure why it’s so high, would an ai lower it? Or would I need nolva? I’m not over weight and would consider myself skinny muscular.


Height? Weight? years working out? Let your body balance itself out before you start adding more drugs. UNLESS you are lactating or growing tits, it is part of the process where you will have ups and downs until you stabilize. That time is usually right around the corner. It might be smarter to reduce your Test dosage slightly before adding more drugs also.

What if you are an over responder to AI’s and tank it? Tanking E2 is worse than elevated E2. Nolva would be perfect for protecting against gyno but wont do much for the other high E2 symptoms.

You dont know the answer to this, so you are talking / considering upping the Test dosage? That makes no sense.

174cm, 76kg, working out 3 years

That’s what I’m thinking, I’ve suffered from gyno in my teens and still have the breast tissue but hard to tell now as I’ve put muscle on. From what I see which could be just my mind or my raised prod/e my nipples and “tits” do seem bigger. Can I use nolva along side a cycle? Thought it was just a pct?

Breast tissue doesnt go away on its own. Once you have acquired it, I have only heard two ways to get rid of it. One is surgery, the other is a higher dose of Nolva for an extended period of time. I am not even sure if the second option is legit.

A cycle should be the last thing you are thinking about. You are already gyno prone not to mention the gyno you currently have, with a sky high prolactin. Nolva can be ran along side a cycle or TrT. You should/could be running Nolva right now. Nolva is also used during PCT.

You should consider a Dr.s consult about your gyno before a cycle even enters your mind. Priorities.

Letro is better at reducing existing gyno but like I said, its kinda harsh on libido

Well I don’t know if i have gyno now, it’s probably just in my head. Thank you for the advice thoigh!

Yeah, but Letro trashed all of your E2, hence shit libido.

I don’t disagree but the goal was to get rid of the lumps and it did that. E2 and libido can be restored but I wanted those lumps GONE.

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I have never had gyno but before I jumped on letro I would run Nolva for 3 - 6 months. It has shown to get rid of the lumps.

Important to note that men who have had gyno for more than a year, more than likely will not get rid of it through drugs alone. Usually will require surgery.

I run nolva now when i blast but I got nervous and got some liquid letro and it knocked that shit back. Didnt really kill my libido like I thought it would. Chalk it up to newbie ignorance.

I have said it before, Thank you for your service. lol Helps us and other newbies to learn so we can hopefully not make the same mistakes.

You ever used Cardarine / GW501516?

Nope. Ran some peptides last year - BPC157, and some GH releasers, etc

I’ve accepted thst I’m on trt for life probably, is a blast really bad for me? As I’m sure most guys who go gym and are

I do. Cruise and blast about 2 or 3 times a year

Would you recommend I do it? And also changing esters?

You are not most guys. You are going to be shopping for sports bra’s shortly. What is your rush? You cant even take the time to get your TrT protocol down.

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