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Increasing TRT dosage temporarily (follow up questions to what I posted not that long ago)

I asked if there were any negative consequences if I were to increase my dosage (100mg is my normal amount) while I take Anavar. I was just being cautious as I didn’t want to do it without making sure it was safe and wouldn’t affect my TRT long term. People said that of course that I could since I will be on TRT for the rest of my life. What I forgot to include as information that I needed was:

How much would I need to increase my weekly dosage to notice a difference in body composition to where it makes doing that worthwhile? I have about 3 months of extra testosterone right now, so I can go up to 200mg per week for 3 months if I wanted to. Would going up to 125mg do anything? What about 150mg? 175mg? 200mg? I don’t want to go above 200mg… If it’s not going to do much and it’s barely noticeable since it’s very temporary, then I won’t end up increasing it.

Also, do I have to slowly go up and then slowly back down to my normal dosage? Thanks again!

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