Increasing triceps strength

I have very weak triceps, whenever i bench my triceps are the first thing that give out, but yet i can strictly do pressdowns at 120 for 8-10 reps, i dont know whats the deal here, I need a program that will increse my core triceps stength, as to facilitate my Bench weights going up, my bench has always been weak for me and now i want to do something about it cause its annoying, can anyone help me out here?

Lots of NARROW grip heavy, low rep benching to increase triceps FUNCTIONAL strength has worked for me. Heavy dumbell presses using narrow range of motion also help. And I sometimes add partial reps when approaching failure which work to hit the triceps harder. These techniques over time will work.

Try narrow (shoulder width) bench presses. Lower the bar just below your pectorals, and press it upwards and approx. 2 inches toward your bellybutton, not a standard 90 degree barbell lift but more of a 80. 3-5 sets of 8-4 reps, with a couple of warm-up sets first.
Also, you can try the lying barbell extensions, keeping your upper arms still with only the forearms moving, elbows tucked inwards as much as possible and lowering the bar to your nose (as opposed to your forehead). Just dont go to failure with this one, or find a spotter. Tricep dips are cool too.

Well first off, pushdowns don’t do anything for bench strength. You want stronger tri’s for bench try close grip bench or tri extensions. Pushdowns are more of a “bodybuilding” exercise. You won’t gain much strength on them. It’s more for developement. Try doing decline CG bench, overhead extensions, and dips. Those are some core movements to add strength. Also check out top 10 tri movements article right here on t-mag. They have some other good exercises.

Why R you doing pushdowns?? The long head is about 2/3rds of the tri’s and it must be streched to fully contract, it can not when your arms are at your sides. The more forward or overhead your elbows are the more you will involve the long head. laying or overhead extentions are best (overhead are better but I have a shoulder prob so they hurt). Hope that helps.

Check out 12 weeks to super strength. If you’re not interested in doing the whole program, just try one workout of each segment. There’s a lot of hidden science on how to build up your bench press. Do each workout, and think about them. Trust me.

What weight do you “kickback” with (just kiddin’) go to the search engine type
dave tate read the articles. This is a good one to start with: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Dips dips dips…let me say it one more time…dips. My arms started to grow when I really hammered the dips into my tricept routine. When you can easily do your own bodyweight then get a belt that allows you to add a plate and then keep doing them. Another thing that helped me was pulling the ropes downward. Pushdowns might make your arms look nice but they aren’t worth a damn for strength. Also use the ropes overhead…that works well. When you do dips make sure you go to at least 90 degrees and don’t sway like most losers do. There is my two cents.

close grip bench at different angles. sometimes flat, sometimes decline, sometimes upside down, sometimes inside out…ok you get where im going.

Dips, as already mentioned, plus my favorite triceps exercise, behind-the-neck dumbbell triceps presses. As far as benching technique, accelerating the bar off your chest helps develop momentum for passing through those sticking points where the tri’s kick in.