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Increasing Training Max?

So you start with a weight you should be able to do for 5 reps. As you progress over time
And your tm goes up. Does that mean you can do that for 5 reps?

You determine what TM to use for the program. Pick the right TM for the right program.

Odds are, if you can’t hit it for 5 reps, it is too heavy. Time to reduce it.

Yes, no, maybe so.

Start with the TM as stated in the program brief, usually 85-90% or a weight you can hit for a technically solid 5 reps any day of the week. Over time your TM will increase and you will get stronger. The two may not happen at exactly the same rate.

The Training Max is a tool, not a max. So don’t think of it as a max. Just use it to get stronger.

Happy 2019 and Let the Gains Begin!!!