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Increasing TM for New Cycle?


Very simple question, I am finishing my first cycle of 5/3/1 and would like to know whether you increase your actual max or your training max for each new cycle? Or does it not really matter and just focus on getting stronger regardless, don't want to major in the minors!


What's the difference? Training max is a percentage (90%) of your real max, so increasing the latter increases the former as well. Right?


You only ever deal with TM, the 1RM you used to base your first cycle on is exactly that - a base. It can be forgotten (even if you retest your 1RM, keep working off the established TM


This is lifted straight from the 5/3/1 ebook, which I think you need to reread.


Take a look at everything Jim has written since then. The training max is what you increase. Actually, look at what you quoted. The 'max you base all your percentages off' is the training max. Of course, I could be misreading your intention and you're agreeing with everyone else, I'm not sure...


This is exactly what I meant as well.