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Increasing the dosage

I have read in BioTests success stories that some people increased the dosage of certain products to achieve greater results. For instance one indivdual increased the dosage from 70 sprays to 100-125 sprays. He weighed 235lbs and has lifted for a couple of years so he felt he needed more than the average dosage. He gained 25lbs. in 8 weeks! I weigh 249lbs. and have lifted for 5-6 years and want to reach a higher level of muscularity. How do you feel about this mans idea? Thanx

I’m about to start a cycle of Androsol, and what I’m planning on doing is following the recommended dosage for the first couple of weeks. If I feel the results are small or non-existent, then I will up the dosage. My point? Just like anything having to do w/ working out or dieting, you won’t know what works til ya try it.

It stands to reason that some may need a higher dosage than others for their personal best results: this is true for practically anything. But as a general rule, the 70 sprays 2x/day maximum appears to have been an appropriate value for most. There’s really no reason other than cost to not use the higher value, and the extra cost is not great. Sonny’s advice makes perfect sense, though: why not see what the recommended maximum will do first, and if not clearly satisfied within the first week or at most two, then try more.