Increasing Testosterone Naturally

I managed to increase my testosterone from 221 ng/dl to 1122ng/dl over a span of 8 years through diet, training, and supplementation. Has anyone else been able to increase their testosterone naturally without resorting to TRT?

Here is the following methods/reasoning I used to increase mine:

Diet: My diet consists of a ratio of 40/40/20 carbs/fat/protein. On weekly basis, I eat grass fed beef, pastured eggs, beef tallow, white rice, burgers, cheese, white mushrooms, apples, nut bars, spinach, avocado shakes with whole milk and sugar, peanut butter w/ oatmeal and raisins.

Multivitamin: It’s hard to attain the full array of nutrients nowadays, so I use a multi to ensure I am getting enough nutrients to support optimal organ health.
Zinc Picolinate: Helps lower estradiol levels, and hence reduces SHBG and increases free testosterone.
Taurine: Helps increase nitric oxide production and increase circulation. This will ensure nutrients are transported more efficiently throughout the body, and help the clearance of estradiol. Also, taurine is a component of bile, which increases the absorption of fat. Since fat supports testosterone levels, it makes sense to include taurine to optimize testosterone levels.
Choline: Prevents fatty liver and increases clearance of fat from the liver. Since the liver detoxifies the bloodstream, supports estradiol metabolism, and hormone balance, it follows that choline should theoretically improve T/E ratio.
Vitamin E (megadose): Mainly used to increase pregnenolone and circulation, which helps lower estradiol production.
Grape seed extract: Strong aromatase inhibiting properties, which helps lower estrdiol levels and increase T/E ratio.
Butea Superba: Increases cyclic AMP, which supports energy production and testosterone levels. Also used to increase DHT levels.

Exercise Regime:

I mainly use a high intensity split method, where I isolate a maximum of two muscle groups per session. I also only weight lift 4 times per week to ensure enough rest, and minimize cardio.

Um interesting…may i ask your current age?

I am 25 years old. I posted here to give advice on keeping testosterone at optimal levels, regardless of age. Many men in our generation are experiencing low testosterone, even men in their 20’s. In my opinion, the key to maximizing testosterone is to obtain enough sunlight exposure, exercise rigorously for short duration, sleep well, reduce stress, eat enough carbs and fats, boost circulation, and keep liver in good shape. Otherwise, if testosterone is still low after initiating these lifestyle changes, then the endocrine system is not functioning well.

So do you have a medical back ground?

No, I am just a Math and Geology Major interested in the field of Endocrinology. The best doctors, in my opinion, have very strong deductive reasoning skills aide from the breadth of knowledge they accumulate in Medical School. I may not have the knowledge base of a doctor, but I try to connect the facts in a way I would do a Math proof.

Alright thanks for taking the time and answering my questions

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Ahh, youth!

Ok thanks for the info

20 year old have half to one third to test levels of grandpas , plastics and food additives, bit got more calories dense food . Fatter no physical labor, plus women can hold out on pussy, which lowers test, when my grandfather got off working a hard physical job, grandma had dinner waiting, a shot of scotch a beer, and granny, and ate way more organic cholesterol .

Your claim has some truth, however, we still have access to organic food. I try to eat as much organic produce/meat as possible for that reason. Also, a combination of sunbathing(sweating) and choline reduces the toxic load inside your body via the excretory system and liver (methylation). Therefore, you can still achieve a comparable testosterone level to your Grandfather given that you detoxify daily. This is the reason, I believe, my testosterone surged from 221 to 1122ng/dl. A healthy, non-stressed body will support optimal testosterone levels, which varies for different individuals. I cannot stress the following fact enough: Some people need higher total testosterone to function due to genetic differences in SHBH and aromatase density, while other function fine at lower levels. I felt like utter crap at 221ng/dl and even cried in the doctors office.

I believe there’s some merit to your logic, but truth be told, I also believe you may not have yet completed your maturation process/puberty when your T levels were at 221 ng/dl; 25 years old - 8 years = 17 years old as your beginning point.

My friend Knut bought a Scottish pine tree for his yard, apperently they increased testosterone. He moved back to Norway back in 02 don’t if it worked.Knut made good living semi retired young. Most people can’t afford to have tree transplant from Scotland to Ohio. Tim Farris in the 4 hour body book had a way how to raise testosterone ,vitamin D3, fermented cod oil, and Brazil nuts. Along with cold showers.

The suggestions made by OP are not bad, infact they’re good and could be helpful to someone who need to put together basic tenets of health from the scratch. But the thread title is misleading, as there’s lot more to the testosterone equation than just the handful of the above mentioned factors. Actually many young guys in spite of the healthy lifestyle factors face hypogonadism due to some underlying reasons which just couldn’t be cured naturally. In fact this has been discussed before by @BrickHead in his thread
There Is No 'Raising T Naturally'

Actually, I believe that studies have shown the highest test levels to be between ages 15-20. Therefore, in my personal broscience bubble, I think this is impressive. Also, given that at 25 years of age myself, I hover at 100-215 ng/dl, which I detest.

Haha, I loved that book. Ferris is a legend. However, instructions to eat organic butter, 5 almonds and 5 walnuts before a major sex session is what’s known as literary fiction. I wonder how many geeks ran out to the store to get that stuff and were last seen with shaky hands measuring out their nuts (no pun intended)!

Any warning signs of low testosterone?

I asked my doctor if i could have my T-levels checked. He charged me $30 to say NO! you have a hairy face and deep voice goodbye.

What symptoms can i tell this asshole so he will check them. Im just curious as to what my levels are.

I heard he is co owner of the fermented cod oil, company, go figure.

He also recommended a ‘PAGG’ stack in the book. Lo and behold, a supplement company then started making this for him. Ferriss is an entrepreneur and deserves credit for what he has achieved. I have always enjoyed reading his work but you do need the proverbial pinch of salt.

I dont think rogan lets him on podcast because some of his onfo is false, he’s crying all the way to bank.

There is no raising T naturally.

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