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Increasing Test E Dosing Mid-Cycle?

Hello, Ive been on test e 500mg for 8 weeks now and I’m not seeing the gains that I expected.

I ran Test e at 500mg already two times before although I was about 15 pounds lighter. I got good results the last two times, but this time around Im not even experiencing that much of a libido boost and especially the gains are lacking.

I am not sure whether this is because I am more tolerant to Test the third time around, or because of the extra weight I gained its less potent.

Should I increase the dosage to 750mg? (I have 250mg amps so I can’t increase less than that)

This is a hard question to address.

If your first 2 cycles were a success and your third is not are you doing anything different? Is your diet and training still good. How about stress and sleep.

Let’s say everything is still amazing nothing has changed. My opinion is probably different then a lot of people’s. I’m not a fan of continuously blasting higher amounts of testosterone to get better results. I think other compounds are much more effective once you find out how your body handles test.

You obviously know how your body handles test so if I were in your position I would start using other compounds to reach whatever your desired goals are.

any chance your test is not dosed properly or bunk? assuming you aren’t getting 500 from trt of course

The gear is real

If anything, diet got better. I am 8 weeks in so I don’t have any other gear than test. What should I do at this time point? I’m midway through my test e cycle. Would it be safe/smart to increase at this time?

It will be fine. But I don’t think your going to notice any miraculous change going from 500 to 750.

If the gains are lacking then it’s diet related, plain and simple. If you aren’t gaining as much, time to start eating more.

Also, every cycle is different, atleast for me. I don’t get much of a libido boost on 500mg per week.

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