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Increasing Strict Pull-Up Number

Hey Christian!

I can do around 30 - 35 strict pull-up (pause at full extension to chin above bar) but would like to increase that number to 40 - 45.

How would you approach such a challenge? In terms of frequency, load and volume.

At the moment I am following your “The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters” (which I enjoy a lot) with added forearm training (consisting of 1 or 2 arm hang at a pull-up bar) on the pulling days.

Thank you

  • Start every workout by doing 60 pull-ups in as little time as possible (suggestion: do not work up close to failure, it will slow you down)

  • On your pulling days replace of the exercises by loaded pull-ups: Day 1 - heavy 6-8 regular reps … Day 2 - mTOR reps: 5 sec eccentric, 2 sec hang on every rep, 6-8 reps (add weight if possible) … Day 3 - Rest/pause set: 8-10 reps/rest 15 sec max reps/rest 15 sec/max reps (eah mini set to failure or close to it).

*At the end of your pull-up work set (one per workout) finish by holding the active hang position as long as possible

  • Calculate your pace/how long it takes you to do 30 pull-ups…add 50% to that time (let’s say that doing 30 strict pull-ups took you 50 seconds it means 75 seconds)… at the end of EVERY workout hang from the pull-up bar for one set of that duration (75 sec in the example). Ideally work up to a point where you can use heavy added weight for that duration

Thanks!!! It really means a lot to me.

Wow now I am so excited to hit the gym tomorrow.

Incredible, working up to heavy weight at that volume 30 pullups & the hang (loaded strethcing) & frequency of best damn (3x a week)… i think your lats will seriously block out the sun.

CT if doing this, do you have any recommendations for the hammies exercise (i.e. barbell dead/romnian dead, DB dead vs. more isolation stuff and single leg stuff) or just rotate per usual ?

CT, can this be applied to other exercises ? (dips, hspu)
How does this work for muscle building ?

It works for bodyweight exercises in which you want to increase your number.

There will be growth… anytime you improve physical performance, size can be affected. But it is mostly a neural improvement method and is not primarily an hypertrophy approach