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Increasing Strength & Weight Through Leg Training?


hey guys and girls,

I've got a question about gaining overall strenght and gaining weight through the use of legtraining.
I am currently rehabbing from and injury on the elbow and I am in doubt of how to progress during the coming 8 weeks.

I finally have my diet balanced and steady and I am going to the gym fairly regular and I want to keep a good thing going and not stop because of an injury.

I can currently do all leg excersises and I can put some pressure on the forearm and elbow but not much.

Could I keep gaining overall strength by doing leg curls, squats, extensions, calf raises and such and what would be a decent work out schedule to do this ?

Any help on this subject would be appreciated a lot!


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Doubt that your bench will increase if you only squat for instance, but I bet that you will minimize muscle loss if you keep training what can be trained.

One "quad dominant" followed by one "hamstring dominant"? Some abs n shit, shrug in the calf raise machine, maybe you could at least use the pec deck or something, I dunno. Do all you can do.


can you deadlift? is it only downward pressure on your elbow, or is you grip affected too? If you can do deads reasonably heavy that will at least keep your back some what strong. Also see if you gym has a safety squat bar, if you find that you can,t do regular squats because of your elbow.


Check out the
Sting Ray: http://www.amazon.com/Manta-Ray-Sting/dp/B0017DE16I
Squat Harness: http://www.frontsquatharness.com/

Might help in letting you add weight without aggravating your arm. If I were in your position, I would just try to get as beasty as I could with my legs. Use machines for your upperbody and let it heal properly.


Yeah been doing that for the last couple of weeks.
I can squat and I tried deadlifting but it aggravated the injury so I decided to wait for my MRI-scan and the specialist doctor to tell me what I can and can not do.

Until that time I will keep squatting and use machines to go full out beast with legs and swimming for cardio.
By swimming I reduce the pressure on the arm and I haven't felt any problems the last 2 days.

ty for the advice and suggestions :slight_smile: