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Increasing Strength For BJJ


Needed to find a goal to get motivated to get back into condition. So i decided to get back into my first love of no gi jiu jitsu.

My primary goal is to get back down to contest weight. Through Berardi's diet tips and the fact i have grappling practise with my team 4 days a week i'm pretty sure the conditioning and energy system work will fall into place.

The problem and question i'm asking is i'm trying to incorporate maximal strength training into my already hectic schedule.

I want to use ws4sb program but feel that the max rep upper day will severely hamper my grappling cause high rep training always makes me cry lol anyway would just doing a me upper and lower day be sufficient for increases in strength my gut says yes but i figured there was bound to be someone who would have a more educated answer for me.


Also, 4 days of lifting may be unrealistic with the training that MMA requires as well as if he is just starting.

I recommend 2 lifting days (1 upper, 1 lower) and 2 anaerobic days. The exercises and choices are contained in many of the old posts.

Endurance is the first base the athlete needs. You can be strong and fast, but if you are dead in 30 seconds, you are dead.

Have him focus on his technical weaknesses and build the program around his training. Make sure that recovery is based in there and there is flexibility in the program. If he is beat up, the plan needs to change.

straight from the main source for mma training martin rooney guess i answered my own question lol


ABBH and part-time beast may be useful. OSC and renegade training are also good choices.


My Jiu jitsu coach Justin Garcia has a training program for MMA BJJ


This workout has carved out 70lbs from my fat ass lol



I have been using WS4SB in conjunction of my Karate training and it has been working well for me.

If you ask my to come up with a WS4SubmissionFighter routine (LOL) based on WS4SB I would make the following changes:

1) On Upper body ME lift, max out on a pull lift instead of a push lift

2) On push supp lifts, spend more time on floor press variations rather than bench

3) On pull supp lifts, spend some time on isomatric e.g. seated cable row, hold on "top" for 60secs

4) Your grip training will be more important than a football player and/or a striker, so train ALL kind of grips

5) Train your abs in both prone and supine position

6) No, you don't have to train in a 4-day split.

Martin Rooney mentioned in his "Training for Warriors" book and DVD that if one has about 4-5 or more of hard skill training per week, then one should only train twice in wgt room and should focus on strength i.e. 1 upper body strength day, 1 lower body strength day or 2 full body strength days.

Just my 2cents and I hope it helps.

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I actually wrote a program for this exact purpose based off from CT's pendulum training. If you would like send me a PM and I will e-mail it to you when I get home today or tomorrow. I'm at college right now and don't have it with me.