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Increasing Strength And Speed

I am intersted in becoming more overall fit. Specificaly I want to be able to sprint faster and jump higher are my two main goal. And I have two side goals increase weight a little bit and increase strength. My main questiong is what should I center my workouts around? What lifts?

Since I know olympic lifts are good and many peopel would recommend them I simply cant do them. I get weird shoulder pain inside my shoulders the next day after I do olympic lifts the pain is sharp and very unpleasant. I am going to get it checked out a little bit later by a doctor because I would love to center my workouts around clean and jerk and snatch. So for the time being are there any other exercise that I can do to increase speed/Vertical (I can do all other lifts). Are there any other lifts that can make me faster and more athletic exept for the olympic lifts?

I say simply concentrate on lifting fast!!! Even when using heavy weight. While it actually may move slow push as hard and fast as possible and control the negative.

Do sprints. Jump squats, etc… Really focus on strength and always moving what ever load you are a FAST as possible.

You might look into some of Davies Renagade training. It sounds like it may be a perfect fit for what you are looking for and a nice cahnge of pace.

Hope that helps,

Whats your current body weight, lean mass, and full (below parallel) back squat 1 rep max?

Whats your current vertical standing still, off of 12" box, 18" box, 24" box?

Whats your current vertical with a runup jumping off 2 feet, off 1 foot?

What sprint do you specifically want to target…40, 100meter, 400, mile?
Do you have times with splits for those?

Need to know what your starting from…

SQUATS (Below parallel)

Work the lower back and hamstrings…

First and foremost, try to get your shoulder examined by a specialist. If you have a significant injury it will derail your progress regardless of what exercises you do.

Second, assess your level of experience, and read about as many of the programs on this site as you can. Provided you have good exercise form/experience with the major compound lifts (press, squat, deadlift, rowing) start with a program that focuses on improving your maximal strength. Increases in maximal strength usually transfer well to enhancing both force and power output across the entire force-velocity curve, particularly in lifters with less experience. Once you have achieved a sufficient level of maximal strength (sorry if that is vague) you can perform both high-force low-velocity (heavy lifting) and low force high velocity lifting (Cleans, snatches, jerks, dynamic effort benching and squatting, vertical jumps, and bounds).

Third, find a track coach or DVD/Video on sprinting. There are drills and modifications to your running form that can make significant changes to your speed/times. Poor running form will always limit your speed. You should also assess what kind of sprinting you are performing. Do you want to run a fast 10 yd/meter, 20, 40, 60, 100? Depending on how far you are sprinting, and how you are starting (2,3 or 4 point stance, from a dead stop or you are already moving) you may need to place more emphasis on acceleration or maximum velocity (full speed) running mechanics - they are two separate qualities.

In short
-check out your shoulder

  • Compound lifts/exercises for both strength and speed (press, squat, deadlift, rowing, pulling, clean, snatch, jerk and their variants, jumping and bounding variations)

-Find a way to refine running form

Best of Luck


Hi Typhoon,

Do a search for “Westside for Skinny Bastards”. Its a tried and true plan for accomplishing exactly the results you want.

Good Luck