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Increasing Squat Numbers


how can i increase my squat numbers??currently squatting 405 for triples at 210lbs,squatting around once to twice a week.Been stuck at the weight for quite some time now.Any advice is appreciated thanks!!


Do you have a particular weakness in the lift? If so, you could focus on that, such as squats where you put the bar on pins in the rack and start from the bottom if you get stuck in the hole a lot. You could squat more often, doing a specialization cycle, you could do more front squats if quads are limiting factor? Deload? Do more core/low back work if it's the limiting factor?


My advice is to squat 3x a week...or get on the Russian Squat Routine.

Whats your 1RM, 3RM and 5RM?

What can you do for 6x6? 5x5?