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Increasing sodium intake to bring out definition?

Has anyone experimented with increasing sodium to bring out definition? I was reading an article by Scott Abel and he mentioned that if you drink too much water and do not take in enough sodium that your body will release aldosterone from the adrenal glands to compensate and actually make you hold water and look smooth. He said that you should take in 2g of salt for every litre of water you drink. For me personally that would be on the order of 8000mg of sodium per day. I’m not sure what my sodium intake is right now since it is not normally listed in the “Nutrition Fact” labels on food but presumably this information is easy enough to find on the Web or in a book. 8000mg sure sounds like a lot, though! So, has anyone tried this??

I was always under the impression that sodium caused water retention, which is why on something like anadrol you are supposed to watch sodium intake carefully to avoid edema. Although I have been known to be wrong, it kinda makes some sense, don’t you get really thirsty after eating alot of sodium?

I have not tried those dosages. But I completely agree with the general argument he is making that sodium intake should be kept good rather than kept low, and so long as it is not a sudden increase in sodium it doesn’t result in water retention.

In fact, it was Scott Abel who about 8 years ago brought this to my attention in one of his articles. Nothing since has had me change my mind. At the time I read his article, that position was quite heretical, but I did quite a bit of literature research and everything (that was sound) backed up what he had to say, and since then, practical observations have confirmed to me that the keep-sodium-very-low approach is a bad mistake.