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Increasing Shoulder Strength


I have been having troubles increasing the strength of my shoulders. Ive stalled on DB Seated Military press at 65lbs x 5 and stalled at increasing the weight used in both standing barbell and seated barbell military presses. My workout right now looks like this:

4 x 8-10 Seated or Behind the neck Military press Barbell
3 x 6-8 DB Military press
3 x 10-12 Cable lateral raises or DB lateral Raises
3 x 10-12 DB shrugs

I REALLY want to increase my shoulder size and im kind of stuck as to what i should do. Stick to high reps or lower it down drastically? Any suggestions would be great.


Switch to push presses for a little while using a lower rep range like 4-6. This should help increase your shoulder strength.


How long should i do that for? I have done push presses before but what else should i supplement that main exercise with and for how many reps.


try single arm barbell presses


single arm dumbbell presses..

something with just one arm at a time


Ohhhhhhhhhh, nice sir, nice.

Someones got the "technology."

I'd recommend these or a high frequency and volume of chin ups, supine and prone grips.

something like a little 3x3 with a warm up set of max body weight reps. I'd use about your 4 or 5 rep max for the 3x3 and take a bit of weight off if the last sets are slow. you want hard vertical pulls with full ROM.

Pop that vertical pull work in at the beginning of each session right after your warm up. It wont likely 'wear you out' or fatigue you too much for your other training. Try it for 4 weeks or maybe like 15 training sessions. Drop your usual overhead bilateral lifts for a bit while you do this. They should rocket back up after you start up again. The single arm lifts will really help teach you to recruit motor units and push hard. with the pulling it should bust the plateau.

be sure to keep your eyes looking straight forward or slightly down when pulling. It will kewep you vertical and really work the agonist muscles of overhead press.



also make sure to pay attention to your rotator cuffs and humeral stability.


I would say do a 4 week workout focusing on shoulder strength looking something like this:

4 sets Push Press 4-6 reps
3 sets DB Shoulder Press 6-8 reps
3 sets Upright Row 8-10 reps
3 sets DB Lateral Raise 10-12 reps


I would increase your frequency of vertical pushing, scale back to 85% ish of current weight - increase weights every week.


hammer strength seated Sldr-Press ftw

i also like front raises.

i also never train shoulders.

i also have shoulder caps =P


I would substitute high pulls for upright rows, just for the sake of joint health.