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Increasing Pull-Up Reps

I tried build my pull-up reps. Now my max. is between 20-22 with pretty good form. But I wanna go 25+! I weigh now 190 pounds, and after few weeks of West Side type training, it’s time to get few pounds off before summer, - and try build some pull-up reps!

So, if you have a good hint or two, I’ll be very glad…

Fat loss is your best bet, but read this too:


Train them two to three days per week before any other movement. Do four to five sets per session. Stop before failure. Add reps (even if it’s one) as you move along. Base your original starting rep scheme on your goal as in percentage.

Take a look at this post:


If you have any questions just PM me, glad to help you out,


Thanks for advice Zeb, we ( me and my training partner) tried to go 3 pull-up/chin sessions per week, after finished our little West Side trainings…