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Increasing Natural Test with PCT on Its Own

This may sound like a stupid qustion, probably is, but I’m wondering. I’m yound and so while I’m looking to do a cycle at some point in the future, it isn’t going to be soon. However, I’m wondering whether taking Clomid and Arimidex for long periods of time could have an anabolic effect?

My logic for this is
-Clomid causes more gonadotropin production, increaseing test
-Arimidex causes the difference in oestrogen and test to be bigger initially, causing anabolism, and then the body may produce more testosterone (that may aromatise later) in order to attempt to return oestrogen levels to the normal level, further increasing the gap.

Any thoughts

any increase would be negligible

Simple answer for clomid- no. Complex answer- not really. There is potential to mess your endocrine system up with too much clomid. Id stick to an ai, and an otc t booster. If you are gunna get involved with nolva, clomid, anastra., etc… I would use a prohormone or steroid. My vote=dumb idea for random pct. But thats just me.

I agree that Clomid is a bad idea, and too much of it could turn out to be a very bad idea. From what I’ve read, too much of an increase in LH/FSH could desensitize your testicles too these hormones and you definitely don’t want that. Clomid also seem to have some nasty sides for some. Arimidex could be a safer choice but only if your estrogen levels are high and are limiting your progress. Too little estrogen is something you don’t want. In any case, I don’t think you’d see a difference in terms of muscle mass from taking it. If your E2 is high it could help with fat loss and water retention.