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Increasing My Bench Press

I am looking to increase my 1rep max on the bench press by early September by a decent amount. I am pretty young and my bench has gone down because i could not lift during my sport’s season.

I was wondering what is a good program that can be incorporated on chest days for drastically increasing your bench press? i know heavy weight low reps but how much weight do i use, almost my 1 rep max or what? Any advice would be great.

blast your bench program.

So far it has put 25lbs on my 9 rep max in two weeks.

The last time I did it, it didnt work because I didnt cycle the program like I should have so there wasnt enough of a shock. But the time before that it put 40lbs on my bench and the time before that it put on 30lbs. I didnt use any supps just ate alot.

I would say it has put around 150-200lbs on my bench in about 6-7 uses spaced out over about one and a half years of use. Thats not counting bench gains I made without the program.

West Side for Skinny Bastards.

Look it up.

Read the article.

Come back with specific questions.

could you post a link to the blast program?