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Increasing Muscle Density - So Confused!!!


hi guys and sorry for interruption but i think that you may find it useful for your knowledge too

i used to be sure on what type of training i need for muscle density

like higher reps and light weight to build chiselled (dense) muscle

and heavy weight and low reps to build huge muscles right??

i read that there are 2 types of fibers

myofibrillar hypertrophy- the actual denser muscle 1 - 5 reps

sacroplasmic hypertrophy- fluid inside the muscle cells gives roundish look and need 9-12 reps

i am so confused on number of reps and sets and weight i should do to get denser muscles and get a hard and solid look

i was wondering if anyone could share their opinion


Dude... forget all that "myosarcoplastic" fluff.

Doing a routine of high-rep light weights is going to get you no where. On the other hand, training with a low-rep, heavy weights routine will probably work a little better but it's still far from optimal.

Using both high and low rep ranges with the heaviest weight you can handle without injury is the best way to build muscle. That's all there is to it.

If you are looking for muscular definition, that's entirely based on your diet. The less fat that surrounds your muscle, the more "chiselled" or "dense" that muscle will look. Bigger muscles will show more easily through fat more easily, but if you really want them to pop out and look absolutely ripped, you're going to have to learn how to eat well enough to retain muscle while simultaneously shredding fat off of them.


thanks for reply nate86 but i am very low in fat and my muscles when they are relaxed, they are not very "hard" when i shake them "gently" all the flubber moves about, but if they are tensed, they look 2x bigger


and i am currently doing very high rep


ummm, that's called contraction...don't know what you're looking for here. Muscles become stiffer when they contract. What is so puzzling about that?


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